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Author Topic: Triple L Radio 6300 AM 1839 UTC 18 MAR 2023  (Read 325 times)

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Triple L Radio 6300 AM 1839 UTC 18 MAR 2023
« on: March 18, 2023, 1842 UTC »
1839 S9+55 10kc moulation  Two more bottles of wine  Terri Clark
1842 Never do a tango with an Eskimo  Alma Cogan
1848 Yes only Johnny plays so old Polish song!!!  Thanks
1851 The Jeely piece song  The Alexander Brothers
1859 Johnny on MIC said the title Sweet Caroline  Neil Diamond, next C&W, greets to friends
1910 Threeple L Radio, greets, There's a tear in my beer  Hank Williams
1920 Indian love call  Slim Whitman, good evening to Norway
1941 To Alexander Belaruś dobryj weczer
1942 Ukraina ce mi!  Katya Buzhinskaya
1945 Han hade seglat fór om masten  Harry Brandelius
1952 Johnny good night on SW all guys don't warry, Best of  Burden  Bette Midler
1957 Mera Brammvin Eddie Meduza special to Sweden and Norway
2002 thanks for  report  Skeppar sjóstrands farval  Harry
2004 Mein Papagei frisst keine harten Eier  Efim Schachmeister
2024 We'll meet again  Vera Lynn    yes Johnny to meet again!!!  Thanks!
2025 TX off       
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Re: Triple L Radio 6300 AM 1839 UTC 18 MAR 2023
« Reply #1 on: March 18, 2023, 1847 UTC »

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Re: Triple L Radio 6300 AM 1839 UTC 18 MAR 2023
« Reply #2 on: March 18, 2023, 1854 UTC »
S9+20 with the G4SZM KiwiSDR.

1853 UTC-The Jeely Piece Song by The Alexander Brothers
1854 UTC-Ivory Tower by Cathy Carr
1856 UTC-Someone speaking Dutch, not Johnny
1857 UTC-Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond
1859 UTC-Johnny speaking in Dutch and English
1901 UTC-A Dream Come True by Isla Grant
1903 UTC-Hello to someone (James Bont?)
1904 UTC-Last Train to San Fernando by Johnny Duncan & The Bluegrass Boys
1906 UTC-Have a Drink On Me by Lonnie Donegan
1909 UTC-Good evening all listeners, this is Radio Triple L, hello to me and Kris (thanks!), using low power
1910 UTC-Fifteen Years Ago by Carl & Pearl Butler
1912 UTC-There's A Tear in My Beer by Hank Williams
1915 UTC-Someone speaking Dutch, not Johnny
1917 UTC-Johnny speaking in Dutch
1918 UTC-Unknown Instrumental Music
1919 UTC-Hello to someone (Peter?)
1920 UTC-Indian Love Call by Slim Whitman
1921 UTC-Hello to someone from Norway

Hi Johnny!
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Re: Triple L Radio 6300 AM 1839 UTC 18 MAR 2023
« Reply #3 on: March 18, 2023, 2010 UTC »
2009 Brabantse Nachten Zijn Lang by Arie Ribbens
RSP1 SDR, RTL-SDR, Tecsun PL-880, Tecsun PL-600
antenas: 6m outdoor signal wire (9:1) 3m indoor noise wire to QRM Eliminator
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