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Author Topic: WDDR-Drunken DJ Radio 6950 USB 0014 UTC 9 APR 2023  (Read 3346 times)

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WDDR-Drunken DJ Radio 6950 USB 0014 UTC 9 APR 2023
« on: April 09, 2023, 0114 UTC »
0114 UTC Drunken DJ chat, into "It's a Beautiful Morning"-Rascals
0118 UTC DDJ chat, into "Bittersweet Surrender"-Big Head Todd & Monsters
0124 UTC DDJ chat talking about the $7 bottle of wine...
0125 UTC "Suzie Q"-CCR
0129 UTC DDJ chat, into "Everything Is Broken"-Bob Dylan
0133 UTC DDJ with shoutouts...THANKS!
Taking a short break from posting!
0145 UTC "Spooky"-Classics IV
0154 UTC "Bang A Gong"-T-Rex

0202 UTC "Love Is the Drug"-Roxy Music
0214 UTC "Time Waits For No One"-Rolling Stones
0221 UTC "Running On Empty"-Jackson Browne

0230 UTC "I Got A Line On You"-Spirit
0233 UTC "Stand By Me"-Ben E King
0237 UTC "Someday Soon"-Judy Collins
0251 UTC "She's Not There"-Zombies
0254 UTC "The Love Gangster"-Stephen Stills & Manassas

0306 UTC Signal disappeared, then SSTV came up
0317 UTC "Wild Wild Life"-The Cars
0336 UTC "Bennie & the Jets"-Elton John
0411 UTC "I Had Too Much to Dream Last Night"-Electric Prunes
0502 UTC "The Loner"-Neil Young  8)
0536 UTC OFF after SSTV

Thank you for the marathon show Drunken DJ! One for the memory banks!  :)

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QSL's to poorbrookking >at< aol.com are greatly appreciated! All reception and postings using My radio, my antenna, and generally in real time(excluding posting of SSTV images!).
QTH:Springfield, MA
JRC NRD-515 with 43 meter half wave dipole into MFJ 949E Versa Tuner: also Grove SP-200 & SONY 2010's

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Re: WDDR-Drunken DJ Radio 0014 UTC 6950 USB 9 APR 2023
« Reply #1 on: April 09, 2023, 0116 UTC »
0114 Drunken DJ on the mic following Wolverine SSTV, WDDR ID into "A Beautiful Morning" The Rascals
0117 Drunken DJ on the mic, will be a couple of hours before taking requests. Song ID. Into song that will be long enough to let him open a bottle of wine. Spent $7 this time.
0118 "Bittersweet" Big Head Todd & the Monsters (Colorado represent, yo)
0124 DDJ on the mic. (Will probably omit most of the remaining times he takes the mic)
0125 "Suzie Q" Creedence Clearwater Revival
0130 "Everything is Broken" Bob Dylan
0133 DDJ on the mic, HFU shoutouts (thank you)
0134 "At the Top" Joan Armatrading
0138 DDJ talking about the time he passed out on a show. Good times! LOL. Into "Dance Along the Edge" Concrete Blonde
0145 "Spooky" Classics IV per shazam
0149 DDJ mentioning that there will be some SSTV's coming up. into "Slow Ride" Bonnie Raitt
    Just going to put in my request now. As usual, tailored to your tastes, DDJ. Not requesting any death metal, LOL. Nope, I'm going to ask for "The Real End" by Rickie Lee Jones. Haven't heard that tune in decades.
0154 "Bang a Gong (Get it On)" T. Rex
0158 SSTV going out in a minute.
0159 SSTV

0202 "Love is the Drug" Roxy Music (DDJ singing along at the end)
0206 "She's a River" Simple Minds
0210 song cut out, DDJ on the mic, apparently it wasn't supposed to end like that.
0211 getting back into the song (he's trying to find where he cut out)
0212 song continues
0214 "Time Waits for No One" The Rolling Stones
0221 "Running on Empty" Jackson Browne
0226 SSTV

0230 "I Got a Line on You" Spirit
0232 "Stand By Me" Ben E. King
0236 HFU shoutouts
0237 "Someday Soon" Judy Collins
0241 HFU shoutouts, into "The Tears of a Clown" The (English) Beat
0244 DDJ is still here, things haven't blown up... let's just keep cranking. Will open request line later.
0245 "Otherside" Red Hot Chili Peppers
0251 "She's Not There" The Zombies
0254 "The Love Gangster" Stephen Stills
0258 SSTV

0300 a few more HFU shoutouts
0302 "Trouble No More" Allman Brothers Band
0306 bit of a pause after the song ended...
0307 SSTV without any prior notice

0311 "The Real End" Rickie Lee Jones (my request! Thanks!)
0315 Going to play Dr. Strangelove's request
0316 "Wild Wild Life" Talking Heads
0321 HFU shoutouts, talking about having to go to Youtube to play someone's request, reminder for folks to edit previous comments rather than post new comments
0322 "Otherside" Red Hot Chili Peppers (by request this time)
0327 requesting mellower requests, and about 60% through his wine. Into "Show Me" Pretenders
0332 "Juicy John Pink" Procol Harum
0334 DDJ narrating the lyrics to the song that just ended (he googled them)
0336 "Bennie and the Jets" Elton John
0341 got a request from Osiris... "The Thrill Is Gone" Tracy Chapman and B.B. King
0347 DDJ is about 3/4 through his bottle of wine
0347 "Seasons in the Sun" Terry Jacks
0353 "It Won't Be Wrong" The Byrds
0356 "Hey Jealousy" Gin Blossoms
0401 "World of Pain" Cream
0404 Happy Wanker has a request for something by Tom Waits
0405 "(Looking For) The Heart of Saturday Night" Tom Waits
0409 DDJ is starting to lose it... says he has less than 1/4 of his bottle of wine left.
0410 "I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night" The Electric Prunes
        Guess I'll put in another request. "Driver 8" by REM, please and thank you.
0415 "Every Kinda People" Robert Palmer
0419 DDJ is buzzing away. Scolding shadypyro for continuing to post new comments instead of editing and adding to the initial post.
0420 "Vague Directions" James McMurtry
0425 Skipmuck has a request
0426 "Carry On" Crosby Stills Nash & Young
0432 "Rio" Michael Nesmith (by request)
0438 "You're Gonna Miss Me" The 13th Floor Elevators (by request for Pigmeat)
0441 a moment of silence following the song's conclusion
0443 "Sneakin' Sally Through the Alley" Robert Palmer (song came on without any preceding banter, just the minute plus of silence following the previous tune
0448 has an hour's worth of tunes left, won't be playing them all. "Rhiannon" Fleetwood Mac (too bad Chris Smol isn't up for this, LOL)
0452 DDJ has about 10% of the bottle left. Going back to his playlist.
0453 "Is This Love" Bob Marley & The Wailers
0458 "Wedding Bell Blues" Laura Nyro
0501 "The Loner" Neil Young
0506 DDJ still not finding requests, plugging away at his playlist. Into "Mama Tried" Grateful Dead
0509 DDJ is now sounding decidedly tipsy to me.
0510 "You Don't Know How It Feels" Tom Petty
0515 DDJ is almost through with his bottle of wine. "I've got a good buzz, don't know if you can hear it" (oh, we can, LOL) "but I will stop looking for requests and crunch through my playlist"
0516 "She Has Funny Cars" Jefferson Airplane
0519 "Werewolves of London" Warren Zevon
0523 "On Your Way Down" Little Feat
0529 "I've Got to Use My Imagination" Gladys Knight & The Pips (he's finished the wine, this will be the last song)
0532 DDJ announcing that this is gonna be it.
0533 Going to send an old Wolverine SSTV
0534 SSTV

0536 Last bit of talk from DDJ. Apologizing for any missed requests. Saying goodnight. It went longer than he was planning. Apologizing for difficulties at start of Wolverine. Good night & God bless.
0537 QRT (someone said something to him immediately after, but all I caught was "old man"

Thanks for the epic show! Catch you down the road.
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Denver, CO.
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MLA-30 active loop, G5RV dipole.
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Re: WDDR Drunken DJ Radio 6950 USB 0014 UTC 6950 USB 9 APR 2023
« Reply #2 on: April 09, 2023, 0116 UTC »
S9+10 with the AB1KW KiwiSDR. Good signal direct.

0114 UTC-Got the audio all sorted out, this is WDDR Drunken DJ Radio
0114 UTC-A Beautiful Morning by The Rascals
0117 UTC-Got a couple hours of tunes then we can take some requests, ID, the next song is long enough to go uncork the bottle of wine, bought a $7 bottle this time
0118 UTC-Bittersweet by Big Head Todd & The Monsters
0124 UTC-The wine isn’t too bad, ID
0125 UTC-Suzie Q by Creedence Clearwater Revival
0130 UTC-ID
0130 UTC-Everything Is Broken (Alternate Version, "Oh Mercy") by Bob Dylan

0417 UTC-Every Kinda People by Robert Palmer
0418 UTC-Drunken DJ talking about the music, ID
0420 UTC-Vague Directions by James McMurtry
0425 UTC-Got a request from Skipmuck, DJ sounds very drunk, looking on YouTube, ID
0426 UTC-Carry On by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
0431 UTC-Talking about the music, looking at requests, looking on YouTube, ID
0432 UTC-Rio by Michael Nesmith
0437 UTC-Talking about the music, a request from Pigmeat, ID
0438 UTC-You're Gonna Miss Me by 13th Floor Elevators
0441 UTC-Silence
0442 UTC-Sneakin' Sally Through the Alley by Robert Palmer
0447 UTC-Talking about the music, going to scan the HFU
0448 UTC-Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac
0452 UTC-Talking about the music, ID
0453 UTC-Is This Love by Bob Marley & The Wailers
0457 UTC-Talking about the music, nothing new on HFU, looking for requests
0458 UTC-Wedding Bell Blues by Laura Nyro
0501 UTC-Talking about the music, ID
0501 UTC-The Loner by Neil Young
0505 UTC-Talking about the playlist, about 35 minutes left on the playlist, ID
0506 UTC-Mama Tried (Live Fillmore East, New York, NY, April 26, 1971) by Grateful Dead
0509 UTC-Looking for requests on the HFU
0510 UTC-You Don't Know How It Feels by Tom Petty
0515 UTC-ID, almost finished the bottle of wine, going to stop searching for requests and just crunch through the playlist
0516 UTC-She Has Funny Cars by Jefferson Airplane
0519 UTC-ID
0519 UTC-Werewolves of London by Warren Zevon
0523 UTC-Going to play a few more songs from the playlist then call it a night
0523 UTC-On Your Way Down by Little Feat
0529 UTC-Talking about the music, ID
0530 UTC-I've Got to Use My Imagination by Gladys Knight & The Pips
0533 UTC-That’s the end of the program, going to send an old Wolverine Radio SSTV from back when Wolverine Radio first started, the Drunken DJ will become 75 soon
0536 UTC-Good night, this broadcast was a lot longer than I planned to go and there was the problem at the start of the program, WDDR ID
0537 UTC-OFF
0537 UTC-Comment from Outhouse, weak

0230 UTC-ID
0230 UTC-Music, Shazam won’t work (not sure why)
0236 UTC-ID, hello to three people on the HFU
0237 UTC-Music
0237 UTC-I’m sitting back and enjoying the program!
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Lucas Bandura
eQSL appreciated! lucasnerite@gmail.com
Songs are identified with Shazam if needed. I usually use KiwiSDR receivers. Reception from my QTH is using an SDRPlay RSP1A for SWL with a 40 meter band Inverted V at 40 feet. Kenwood TS-570D for ham use.
My website: https://swl7.wordpress.com/
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Re: WDDR-Drunken DJ Radio 0014 UTC 6950 USB 9 APR 2023
« Reply #3 on: April 09, 2023, 0116 UTC »
0115 UTC - Beautiful Morning The Rascals
0117 UTC - WDDR ID
0118 UTC - Bittersweet Big Head Todd & The Monsters

S9+20 Here In Ma. On BelkaDx Direct
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Receiver: Kenwood R2000/SDRplay RSPdx/BelkaDx
Kenwood 590SG
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Re: WDDR-Drunken DJ Radio 0014 UTC 6950 USB 9 APR 2023
« Reply #4 on: April 09, 2023, 0118 UTC »
S9 @ 0115 with "A Beautiful Morning" The Rascals
0118 - "Bittersweet" Big Head Todd & The Monsters

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Northeast Kentucky
Please eQSL to refmo[at]outlook[dot]com
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Re: WDDR-Drunken DJ Radio 0014 UTC 6950 USB 9 APR 2023
« Reply #5 on: April 09, 2023, 0120 UTC »

119- "Bittersweet" by Big Head Todd and The Monsters.
124- DDJ IDs last tune and comments on audio. IDs station.
125- "Suzie Q" by CCR.
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All reception direct-- From my location, radio and antenna.
QTH New Hampshire (70 miles north of Boston).
Tecsun S-8800 and Kenwood R-2000, with about 135 feet of wire thrown up in the trees.
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Re: WDDR-Drunken DJ Radio 0014 UTC 6950 USB 9 APR 2023
« Reply #6 on: April 09, 2023, 0121 UTC »
01:09  Bittersweet - Big Head Todd & the Monsters -  S7-8 here with great audio. Thanks for the show WDDR!
Please eQSL to allengrimsley@cox.net
All signal reports are from my equipment/location in SE VA
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Re: WDDR-Drunken DJ Radio 0014 UTC 6950 USB 9 APR 2023
« Reply #7 on: April 09, 2023, 0121 UTC »
S9+ signal

0120 Bittersweet - Big Head Todd & The Monsters
50mi west of Chicago, IL.  SDRPlay, Kenwood R-1000, Icom IC-R71A, AOR AR8200, Racal RA17 (being restored) with 100' inverted V.  eQSL please to elburndx@gmail.com

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Re: WDDR-Drunken DJ Radio 0014 UTC 6950 USB 9 APR 2023
« Reply #8 on: April 09, 2023, 0121 UTC »
Booming in 20 to 30 over here.  Sounding great!  Looking forward to the show.
R-390a, WJ-8718, Rohde & Schwarz EK07 and EK56, Siemens E311, 51-J4, R8, IC-7610. All reports are from my radios and antennas at my QTH.  Please QSL to morrisgarage770@msn.com   Northwest AL EM64

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Re: WDDR-Drunken DJ Radio 0014 UTC 6950 USB 9 APR 2023
« Reply #9 on: April 09, 2023, 0122 UTC »
SIO 333
Cheap Booze is best Night Train..Mad Dog, Ripple
Suzie Q CCR
DJ Is Distracted...Drink harder!! lol

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Registered Monitoring Station KMD3HR
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Thank you!
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Re: WDDR-Drunken DJ Radio 0114 UTC 6950 USB 9 APR 2023
« Reply #10 on: April 09, 2023, 0123 UTC »
Tuned in at 0121 on Brookfield WI sdr with good S9 to S9+20 wideband signal, I'm using IQ setting on the sdr for good fidelity, soft rock tune playing, song: "Suzie Q" by CCR, at 0134 read names of people on HFU including me, at 0159 SSTV/FAX,   
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Drake R8, Kenwood R-2000, Panasonic RF-4900, Sony 2010, Realistic DX440, Grundig Satellit 500, 7mhz backyard dipole, Mt Prospect, IL 20miles (32km) NW of downtown Chicago. I have been using online receivers because of strong data hash interference in my neighborhood that I believe is caused by Uverse squeezing up to 100mb/sec through ordinary pairs of wires. I don't have Uverse but neighbors do. williamhassig@yahoo.com

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Re: WDDR-Drunken DJ Radio 6950 USB 0014 UTC 9 APR 2023
« Reply #11 on: April 09, 2023, 0135 UTC »
S 9 +10 here on quebec Canada awsome music thank you on my third spliff really cool now some greatful dead would be cool 👍
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Please qsl to denismartin19621962@gmail.com

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Re: WDDR-Drunken DJ Radio 0014 UTC 6950 USB 9 APR 2023
« Reply #12 on: April 09, 2023, 0136 UTC »
Great signal is western NY

REQUEST Steve Goodman "Talking Backwards"

0126 UTC   "Suzy Q" by CCR
0130 UTC   WDDR, Drunken DJ Radio (Hey, I recognized the DJ's voice before the ID!)
0131 UTC   "Everything is Broken" by Dylan
0135 UTC   "We're Going to the Hop" by Joan Armatrading
0138 UTC   "WDDR", "not quite feeling the buzz"
0302 UTC   Dang, just came back from a rest room break and missed the SSTV. Hope you try it again. I'm trying to get the hang of decoding.
0303 UTC   "Trouble No More" by ABB
0309 UTC   SSTV - got it, though really poor image, a rectangular blue object, with red print at the bottom, trying to post the image here, but failing so far.  OK, someone posted a better scan showing what seems to be "Felix Chapel"

Drake R8B, 600 ft longwire
QSLs always welcomed

REQUEST Steve Goodman "Talking Backwards"
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Re: WDDR-Drunken DJ Radio 0014 UTC 6950 USB 9 APR 2023
« Reply #13 on: April 09, 2023, 0140 UTC »
Some jammin good tunes and great audio. Signal is slamming, too (S+20).

Freq: 6950 USB
SIO: 555
Ant: MLA-30+
Rec: Eton Elite 750

0136: Goin' to the Hop
0137: DJ Commentary on his Wine
0139: Dance Along the Edge

Thanks for the great show tonight.

Happen to have any Tracy Chapman?

Thanks for playing my request!
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Antenna: MLA-30+ Active Loop

Loc: North-Central, PA - FN11

I gladly accept QSLs. Please eMail to: teslaintheaether@gmx.com

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Re: WDDR-Drunken DJ Radio 6950 USB 0014 UTC 9 APR 2023
« Reply #14 on: April 09, 2023, 0141 UTC »
Beautiful S-9 signal on the IC-705 into NE Alabama this evening.
01:30 - Bobby Dylan- Everything is broken then some mentions of HF underground.
01:35 - the Hop by Joan Armatrading.
Then ID.

Thanks for the tunes Drunken DJ!
PLEASE QSL TO: we50w@yahoo.com would be greatly appreciated!  Equipment includes: R-390A, National NC-400, Panasonic RF-2200, Yaesu FTDX-10, FT-710,  Hammarlund 180C , FRG-7, Icom 7300, Yaesu FTDX-3000, ICOM IC-705, Hallicrafters SX-110, 160 windom, OCF dipoles, End feds


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