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Author Topic: Laser Hot Hits 6205 AM 0429 UTC 11 APR 2023  (Read 109 times)

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Laser Hot Hits 6205 AM 0429 UTC 11 APR 2023
« on: April 11, 2023, 0431 UTC »
0429 UTC Making across the big pond this evening directly with "Let's Dance"-David Bowie
(Signal with S7 peaks and mostly above the noise with moderate fading and very nice audio at peaks)
0432 UTC YL DJ speaking now...partial copy...
0433 UTC Unid pop ballad-YL singer
0439 UTC OM DJ talk and the Laser sound effect, then YL DJ talk
0441 UTC Unid pop song
0445 UTC OM DJ talk, then YL DJ talk...signal has dropped down a bit...tough copy on the DJ chat
0447 UTC "Midnight Rider"-Allman Brothers Band
0450 UTC OM DJ talk, then YL DJ talk
0452 UTC "The Night Chicago Died"-Paper Lace
0455 UTC OM then YL DJ chat
0456 UTC Unid song...fading is getting choppy
0500 UTC OM & YL DJ chat

It is good to hear Laser again on this frequency!
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