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Author Topic: UNID rhythmic data bursts, 11830 khz; 0610 UTC, 6/5/2013  (Read 1388 times)

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Tuned the RFB45 through the 25 meter Shortwave broadcast band earlier tonight to find it was the only SW band with any decent propagation. Radio Australia's "Bush Telegraph" program was in pretty good on 11870 khz (with some interesting talk about Tasmania's opium poppy industry -- they use it for prescription painkillers), SIO 555, and New Zealand was in well also, on 11725 khz.

In between the two, on 11830, I heard these rhythmic bursts of what sounded like data, about 8-9 per second -- not sounding like any CW character, either.  It was propagating in and out, so I'm pretty sure it wasn't local QRM.  They were maybe S1 in strength on my DX-390.  

It's possible it may have been an image on both radios, but it didn't sound like one.

Edited to add: After listening through the sound samples from links Token placed on another thread, this sound was most similar to the LINK-11 sound.
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Re: UNID rhythmic data bursts, 11830 khz; 0610 UTC, 6/5/2013
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Voice of Russia is on 11830 at that hour in DRM mode. maybe that is what you heard

I'm just sayin'....
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