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Author Topic: 77LJS 6925 LSB 2235 UTC 13 JUN 2023  (Read 257 times)

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77LJS 6925 LSB 2235 UTC 13 JUN 2023
« on: June 14, 2023, 0109 UTC »
Sorry for the late posting! I had a major Windows update and it took a couple of hours to get things in working order! I did the old handwritten notes routine like the old days, as follows:
2235 UTC Unid piano music (Interval Signal?)
2237 UTC OM with ID and date...mention of "Live from ? station" and Prophecies of ? religion...American Apocalyptic Prophecy. OM synth DJ said "one of you may answer the call...it may even be Pigmeat"  8)
Then talk of What did Jesus mean to say to us...what did Jesus want to say to us...the word of Jesus is overlaid with human ballast...man made dogma...the church...spiritual tyranny over men
2255 UTC OM with ID, date, and "we are all behind enemy lines" followed by the piano music IS
2257 UTC OFF
The narrator seems to have been discussing the teachings of Jesus vs the dogma of organized religion. Signal was S7 with moderate noise, light fading, but pretty much 100% copy.

Thanks for the spiritual discourse 77LJS! Always an interesting broadcast!
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Re: 77LJS 6925 LSB 2235 UTC 13 JUN 2023
« Reply #1 on: June 14, 2023, 2115 UTC »
I'm covered. You forget, I'm a follower of Fansome and his primary Apostle. Say 20 "Hail Belinda's" send me a sizable indulgence and he might just take mercy on you. The Lord of The Penguins can forgive if he's not busy doing something else, like creating X-Ray Vision or shushing talking mushrooms. The latter plagued a certain pirate op who has lately gone missing.

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