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« on: July 20, 2023, 2309 UTC »
Almost year ago i set up this websdr server, and i think he is awesome.
1 Opensource, and fast developing software.
2 Can be installed in ubuntu and debian on aarch64 or amd64 simply, via some commands on terminal, or as Docker container, or have prepared sd card images for raspberry pi
3 Very simple settings via admin webpage, the only thing you should do in linuc CLI is a adding websdr admin.
4 Really awesome: support a lot of sdr receivers: rtl-sdr, hackrf, airspy, sdrplay, HPSDR (hermes), USRP, Bladerf.
5 Can decode online a lot of amateur and professional digimodes, from CW to HFDL, and meteofax. In some modes, like HFDL, AIS or JS8 he can display received coordinates on map.

6 Have a map which can display also other websdr, kiwi or openwebrx websdrs.
7 Average load with single user only 25-30% higher than pa3fwm websdr on same hardware. Simultaneously working 5 rsp1a with 8mhz bandwidth + hackrf with 20mhz bandwidth eat approx 60% resources of my old Xeon E3-1270v3.
8 You can set some receivers which can work simultaneously, or set some "profiles" which set frequency, bandwidth, gain and lot more settings for single receiver, and swith between them (of course this is problem for more than 1 user on server).
9 Have free tuning option, but with some trickery.
So we have software which easy to install on almost any computer (include not raspberry singleboard arm, for example Orange pi and Rockpi), very agile and free to use.
The beauty of this project is that you can easy and cheap (you need only not very powerful computer and external ip) share your sdr with other people. Not need to buy relatively expensive and rare hardware or struggle with several configs for having only 2 megs of bandwidth in case of websdr.

My websdr

link http://hoshinokoe.ru:8073
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