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Author Topic: 77LJS 6925 USB 0215 UTC 21 JUL 2023  (Read 454 times)

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77LJS 6925 USB 0215 UTC 21 JUL 2023
« on: July 21, 2023, 0216 UTC »
0215 UTC Signed on suddenly with "Whiter Shade of Pale"-Procol Harum (S8 peaks with light fades and moderate noise)
0219 UTC "White Rabbit"-Jefferson Airplane
0222 UTC "Time of the Season"-Zombies
0225 UTC "You're Love Is Taking Me Higher"-Jackie Wilson
0229 UTC "Unchained Melody"-Righteous
0232 UTC Unid soul tune
0235 UTC "Good Luck Charm"-Elvis Presley
0238 UTC "I Wish It Would Rain"-Temptations
(I'm hearing a sound after a song ends and again before a new song starts...playing vinyl maybe?)
0241 UTC Unid pop tune
0243 UTC Unid pop tune
0245 UTC Unid pop tune (Voices sound like Phil & Don)
0248 UTC "To Sir With Love"-Lulu
0251 UTC "I Fall to Pieces"-Patsy Cline
0254 UTC Unid pop tune
0256 UTC "You Really Got Me"-Kinks
0258 UTC "Mercy, Mercy, Mercy"-Buckinghams
0301 UTC Unid pop tune-Elvis Presley
0304 UTC "I Love You"-The People
0309 UTC "You Don't Have To Say You Love Me"-Dusty Springfield
0312 UTC I forgot the name of this one by Dionne Warwick
0316 UTC Unid instrumental pop tune
0318 UTC Unid soul tune
0321 UTC Unid pop tune
0324 UTC Spoken word skit about brew....then OM with "You are listening to 77 Lima Juliett Sierra...all vinyl all night"
0325 UTC "Brown Eyed Girl"-Van Morrison
0328 UTC "Desiderata"-?
0332 UTC "Let the Good Times Roll"-Ray Charles?
0335 UTC Spoken word skit, followed by Unid pop tune
0338 UTC OM with 77LJS all vinyl all night, followed by "There's No Living Without Your Loving"-Peter & Gordon
0341 UTC OFF

Thank you for the vinyl show 77LJS! I miss those days!  8)
Here's my recording of the show:

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Re: 77LJS 6925 USB 0215 UTC 21 JUL 2023
« Reply #1 on: July 21, 2023, 0221 UTC »
0220 UTC

S9 signal
White Rabbit--Jefferson Airplane
Time of the season-- The Zombies
Higher & Higher--Jackie Wilson
Unchained Melody--The Righteous Brothers
Ain't that asking for trouble--Stevie Wonder
Good luck charm--Elvis Presley
I wish it would rain-- The Temptations
Running though the night--Hollies
(Think this is all vinyl)
Unknown song
Torture--The Everly Brothers
To sir with love--Lulu
I fall to pieces--Patsy Cline
Happy Times-- The Box Tops
You Really got Me--The Kinks
Mercy Mercy Mercry--Buckinghams
I feel so bad--Elvis Presley
I love you--The People
You don't have to say you love me--Dusty Springfield
Theme from "valley of the dolls"--Donne Warwick
Unknown song
I've been good to you--- The Temptations
Don't say anything at all--??
Station ID --0324 UTC  (77LJS )
Brown-eyed girl---Van Morrison
Talking  ??
{Storm moving in  causing a lot of noise}
Let the good times roll--Ray Charles
All I know about you  ---The Supremes
There's no living without your love--Peter & Gordon
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ALL RECEPTION IS DIRECT  QSL's are greatly appreciated!

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Re: 77LJS 6925 USB 0215 UTC 21 JUL 2023
« Reply #2 on: July 21, 2023, 0226 UTC »
02:24 UTC - Weak readable riding over the noise floor with The Zombies - Time of the Season.

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Re: 77LJS 6925 USB 0215 UTC 21 JUL 2023
« Reply #3 on: July 21, 2023, 0250 UTC »
S7 with the AB1KW KiwiSDR. Very weak S5 direct. Not much audio above 2 kHz.

0249 UTC-Music
0341 UTC-OFF

Sitting back and enjoying the tunes!
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Lucas Bandura
eQSL appreciated! lucasnerite@gmail.com
Songs are identified with Shazam if needed. I usually use KiwiSDR receivers. Reception from my QTH is using an SDRPlay RSP1A for SWL with a 40 meter band Inverted V at 40 feet. Kenwood TS-570D for ham use.
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Re: 77LJS 6925 USB 0215 UTC 21 JUL 2023
« Reply #4 on: July 21, 2023, 0259 UTC »
0235  'GoodLuck Charm' - Elvis Presley, 'I Wish it would Rain' - The Temptations, 60's pop songs maybe regional or less known tunes.

S2 and although generally low QRN there is enough that making out the tunes a bit hard.  I'd agree that this sounds like vinyl from the needle drops, etc. sometimes audible.
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Re: 77LJS 6925 USB 0215 UTC 21 JUL 2023
« Reply #5 on: July 21, 2023, 0307 UTC »
0306 UTC with good signal, amid band noise and static crashes heard via MD SDR
"I Love You" being played at tune in
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Re: 77LJS 6925 USB 0215 UTC 21 JUL 2023
« Reply #6 on: July 21, 2023, 0328 UTC »
Brown Eyed Girl heard with good audio and a fairly strong signal. Nice! Thanks for the show tonight.
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Re: 77LJS 6925 USB 0215 UTC 21 JUL 2023
« Reply #7 on: July 21, 2023, 0358 UTC »
6925 USB

Fair to decent signal through the noise tonight.  Was using a dipole on the ground for reception.

77LJS 6925 USB 0316z-0341z 07-21-23

Thanks for the show 77LJS!
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Re: 77LJS 6925 USB 0215 UTC 21 JUL 2023
« Reply #8 on: July 21, 2023, 0737 UTC »
At least he's not praising Commies again. Whittaker Chambers, who's next Kim Philby?

The Everly Brother's did a great cover of "Susie Q" on their album "The Everly Brothers Play Rock n' Roll". He need's to go to Beaver Dam, KY. , their home town, stop at the BBQ joint off the Western KY Parkway there, have a heaping bowl of bergoo, with extra beaver, and drive straight to Graceland to beg forgiveness at the supposed grave of Special Agent Elvis. If he begs humbly and enough, Elvis will appear in his Burger King Crown and take him out in one of his many pink Cadillacs for a Whopper, a pop, and some Chicken Fry's. No ketchup on the upholstery, Comsymp!