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Author Topic: All Azteca Relay Service Marathon #11 6935 AM 0242 UTC 29 JUL 2023  (Read 425 times)

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0242 UTC Radio Azteca IS, then drums
0244 UTC Bram talking...program #31 (Signal mostly above the static crashes)
0246 UTC Punk rock tune, followed by Bram reading listeners letters...letter from Lee Silvi...Greg from Connecticut...letter from Bill Finn...Ron Hunsicker...Scott McArdle
0253 UTC Disco music..."go to the closet and get those bell bottoms out"
0254 UTC Latest "Actual Stuff"
0256 UTC Flushing Report..public urinals in Amsterdam...annual rotten sneakers contest
0258 UTC Bram talking...construction of a sex toy...120 volt outlet and set the house on fire
0259 UTC ZZ Top music-"Legs", then Radio Azteca Story Time
0302 UTC DX program...dxers suffer from debilitating issues...relayaphobia-the fear of being relayed
0305 UTC Latin American music...followed by Top 10 list...Top 10 DXer rock songs...#1 "John Couger Filipkowsi"
0310 UTC Static making for tough copy...Massachusetts overpopulated with beavers...guinea pigs released into Central Park
0313 UTC "Time to bring program #31 to a close..."
0314 UTC Radio Azteca IS then AARS ID
0315 UTC Radio Azteca IS then drums
0316 UTC Bram with program #32...postal address to BBS communications Belfast NY 14711
0318 UTC Bram reading listener letters...a pirate radio will listen to just about anything...Baltimore MD listener..." Radio Azteca QSL review committee...Rusty A Ortega...listener from Trenton NJ...gerbil story an urban folk legend" Have over 60 different QSL's...mention of John Couger Filipkowski...we did not hear from George Zeller or Gene Scott
0327 UTC "This is Radio Azteca, more fun than a prostate exam"
0328 UTC "Actual Stuff"...Police Blotters...why do they call them blotters...Japan Times...puffing...used a bicycle pump...police haven't located all his parts...a whole new meaning for the term "breaking wind"
0334 UTC Spanish guitar music, then Radio Azteca Story Time...alien walk up to a gas pump and "take me to your leader"...blasts the gas pump with a laser gun
0337 UTC Flute music followed by DX program
0340 UTC "The station that puts the X back in DXing"
0341 UTC Top 10 List...Top 10 James Bond DX movies...List log and let die...license to transmit...the verification signer who loves me...the man with the golden watkins johnson
0343 UTC Drums, then "time to bring program 32 to a close"
0346 UTC Radio Azteca IS, then AARS ID
0347 UTC IS again, then Bram with program #33
0350 UTC "Get a Job" snippet followed by Bram reading listener letters...Lee Silvi has more Radio Azteca QSL's...putting Gerbils on postage stamps...One Helen launched a thousand ships...Ron Hunsicker letter...
0356 UTC ZZ Top music followed by Top 10 List...Top 10 least useful DX accessories
0359 UTC "Karma Chamaleon" followed by "Ask Doctor Radio"...What is the difference between QSL whore and a QSL hound?
0403 UTC "The station that smells like an armpit on fire", followed by "Story Time"...moose call...the zipper is stuck
0405 UTC "Actual Stuff"/Flushing Report...an enema every 20 minutes...50% of men who fall overboard on a boat have there zippers open...gave elephant 22 doses of laxatives...olive oil enema...severe constipation can kill an elephant
0410 UTC Pop music tune, then Bram...bloopers
0413 UTC Program 33 to a close...
0415 UTC Recorded bit of craziness...it's a hell of a way to sign off...
0417 UTC IS then AARS ID, then OFF at 0418 UTC

Thanks again AARS!
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QSL's to poorbrookking >at< aol.com are greatly appreciated! All reception and postings using My radio, My antenna, and generally in real time(excluding posting of SSTV images!).
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0245 B S opening talk ? lots of storm static .
Harry L. Smith
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Noisy tonight, SINPO=24232

249- Bram on the mic, mentioning reception reports.
250- Quick music, and then back to Bram.
251- Music with talking.
251- Bram is back. Reading listener letters. (With a "hello baby" voice sound effect in there). Letter from Virginia, Oklahoma, etc. Did not hear from George Zeller.
253- Instrumental music.
253- Bram IDs and mentions sponsor.
254- "Disco Inferno" tune.
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All reception from this location, radio and antenna.
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0252 UTC
S 9 signal

Radio Azteca
ALL RECEPTION IS DIRECT  QSL's are greatly appreciated!

Receivers:  FT-950--RSPdx (SDR)
40M double bazooka
43 ft vertical
Portable setup YB-400-Datong AD37active antenna or 25 ft wire

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0255: Just have a rising tone at tune in. Weak and noisy conditions tonight.
Very very weak music in the background.
Northeast Ohio
Now using Shazam for song identification

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Weak signal in western NY

0310 UTC   weak talk

Hopefully something IDable will come up!

Drake R8B, 600 ft long wire aimed west

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0359 UTC - Signal is S7 in WNY, audio in and out of the noise.
Location: Western New York ( Niagara Frontier)
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Damn! Not the infamous Episode 32 and the Gas Pump Joke. I got a QSL for that one and a pamphlet on the historic Flushing, NY. Railroad Depot.


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