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Author Topic: UNID 6924.65 AM 0044 UTC 12 SEP 2023  (Read 1052 times)

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UNID 6924.65 AM 0044 UTC 12 SEP 2023
« on: September 12, 2023, 0044 UTC »
0044: music -> "Let Me Go" - Cutline
carrier was on for several minutes before any audio, low modulation
S9+10, some pesky qrm
0049: "Evil Beauty" - Blackmill, now with increased modulation it seems
0053: "Clutch" - Electric Heaven
44444, slight noise, shallow fading
0101: "On the Road to Shiraz" - Ottmar Liebert and Luna Negra

Thank you for the broadcast and nice music!
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QSL to umst777@yahoo.com would be greatly appreciated!
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Is it ok to use my AM radio after NOON?

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0048: S9+ signal with Let Me Go by Cutline
0050: Evil Beauty by Blackmill
0056: Clutch by Electric Heaven
0100: On the Road to Shiraz by Ottmar Liebert & Luna Negra
0113: Here I Come by Fergie
0121: Rock That Body by Black Eyed Peas
0206: Smile? by The Crystal Method
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Northeast Ohio
Now using Shazam for song identification

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0048 UTC Indie electronica tune with vocals (S9 peaks and quite a nice sounding signal!)
0050 UTC Different indie electronica tune with vocals

I recorded the show rather than post details last night and listened back this morning, one of the ID's mentioning "DJ Crash Crash 105.5 WDRD"
Recording is available if the op is interested!
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QSL's to poorbrookking >at< aol.com are greatly appreciated! All reception and postings using My radio, My antenna, and generally in real time(excluding posting of SSTV images!).
QTH:Springfield, MA
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0049 UTC- Let Me Go by Cutline.
0051 UTC - Evil Beaty by Blackmill
0054 UTC - Clutch by Electric Heaven
S9 with abit of fading.
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00:52 UTC - Good readable with music from the buddha temple.

RSPduo | Wellbrook loop antenna

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UnID mx @ 0051
Offset: 6924.65, continues upward drift
"Clutch" Electric Heaven @ 0056
"On The Road to Shiraz" Liebert & Luna Negra @ 0101
Modulation mostly gone after 0110, but still with decent carrier.
Switch to W6LVP got a slightly better signal
"Fergie Mix" DJ Colin Steal @ 0112
"Die Zauberflot" Sumi Joe/Solti & Vienna Philharmonic @ 0116


Interesting mix of styles!

Fort Smith AR/RSPdx/10x10 LoG + CCW loop kit N/S
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QSL email addy: dagasque(at)hotmail.com
Thanks in advance!

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0111 Here I Come, by Fergie

SIO: 323
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Unless otherwise noted, I am listening via NA5B web SDR, with an antenna in northern Virginia, just outside Washington, DC

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0114 UTC S9 +5 Here Nice audio! Opera now!
0257 UTC S9 +15 here. Techno music now Id call it.
Recording from the ether here. THX Pls EQSL if ya would
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S8 here.  Nice clear audio.
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S7 direct. S9 with the K9DXI KiwiSDR.

0145 UTC-Music
0227 UTC-S9+10 local noise started, no more copy
0255 UTC-Checked to find noise gone, weak copy again
0330 UTC-Off, then back on much weaker
0331 UTC-Back to full power
0350 UTC-OFF
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Lucas Bandura
eQSL appreciated! lucasnerite@gmail.com
Songs are identified with Shazam if needed. I usually use KiwiSDR receivers. Reception from my QTH is using an SDRPlay RSP1A for SWL with a 40 meter band Inverted V at 40 feet. Kenwood TS-570D for ham use.
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5-9 in Chicago
Musique no stop, Kraftwerk
Thanks for the show!
73's from Chicago IL
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qsl contact aa9il.radio@gmail.com

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SINPO=45544, huge signal with rich sounding audio!

205- "Smile?" by The Crystal Method.
209- "Soulmate" by Mac Miller.
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All reception from this location, radio and antenna.
QTH New Hampshire (70 miles north of Boston).
Tecsun S-8800 and Kenwood R-2000, with about 135 feet of wire thrown up in the trees.
eQSLs most appreciated to molvaniapoacher@gmail.com.

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Nice sig

0215: The Crystal Method - Double Down Under
0221: Floyd - What do you want from Me
0251: Röyksopp and Robyn - Do It Again
0253: Röyksopp and Robyn - Sayit
0302: Zepp
0305: Heart - Heartless
0310: Donna Summer - Spring Affair
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Evil Elvis, western Tennessee east of Memphrica
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  • Thanks for the broadcast!
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Slipstream (The Crystal Method) at 02:39 UTC at very nice level into Masset, BC.  No ID yet? 
Listening to the amazing world of radio since 1967
Victoria, BC CANADA and my remote site near Masset, BC
Perseus SDR with ALA 100LN and Flag antennae.  Beverages, ALA 100 and ALA1530 and DKAZ in Masset
eQSLs always appreciated to CANSWL@GMail.com

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At 0247z
S9+ 30-40 (A little stronger than MRI was)
Audio about 8 kHz on peaks.

About 0330z not sure what was going on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on
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