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Author Topic: RS-15 Satellite  (Read 5072 times)

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RS-15 Satellite
« on: August 31, 2013, 1416 UTC »
I have not heard a ham satellite on 10m for a while... first heard on 29351 at 1411 UTC. Fading out now at 1416, it is over New Orleans going into the Gulf of Mexico.
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Re: RS-15 Satellite /10m DnLink sats
« Reply #1 on: November 30, 2013, 1941 UTC »

 RS-15 has semi-active telemetry reports lately 29.35, 29.39+-... I haven't heard this bird in a few yrs..

AO-7 is a good one to try for in Mode A:

 145.9 USB up/ 29.45 USB  down.... 29.45 is the middle of the passband.. Listen between 29.4 -29.5 for cw and USB "raspy/buzzing" phone signals.

 It has been switching from mode A to mode B (432.15 LSB up/145.95 USB down) every 24 hrs since early 2010.

Launched 1974
"Dead" 1981
"Alive again" 2002- present

We have an M2- 2m/440 array with az/el +pc control at our club stn.. However, I use a portable dual band ELK antenna and a wire for the 10m downlink fed into an ic-746 and ft857 for manual operation.

 To keep things simple for receive only, see what you can hear in the 29.45 mhz dnL area.

You might also try "FO-29" : 435.85 +- USB phone
"VO-52" : 145.9 +- USB phone
Both of these tx moderate sigs, and are usually easy to hear using compromised antennas if you have a vhf receiver with ssb.

 I use "Orbitron" for pc tracking, and "GoSatWatch" or Sat Tracker Plus" for the iPhone.

===Please see "OSCAR.DCARR.org" for live ham sat reporting===

   73 EricT

ps- i have an easy to read sat freq list that i put together. if interested shoot me a msg or email.
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