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Author Topic: Softrock Ensemble II Rx?  (Read 2449 times)

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Softrock Ensemble II Rx?
« on: September 04, 2013, 2003 UTC »
      So I should have one of these kits in the mailbox tommorrow.  My only sdr experience is a RTL dongle and while fun to mess with I immediately wanted HF.  A few dollars more than a converter for the RTL you can get the Softrock kit.  

      Anyone ever built one of these?  This will be the most complex kit I have ever tried my hand at building.
Winding the coils is what scares me since I have never messed with them before.  I will probly wind up with a pile of junk by the time I finish... but you never know.  

     From the ones on websdr and youtube they seem to work pretty good if you have a decent soundcard.  Guess I'll find out soon.  Here's to the smell of solder and fiddly parts.


....  2 days later and it's up and running.  It wasn't too bad to build but winding coils isn't the most fun I have ever had and had soldering smd's was a challenge.   Quite impressed for a sub $100 unit.   
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