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Author Topic: Radio France International (Digital) 6015 DRM 0230 UTC 12 Feb 2024  (Read 212 times)

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Finally I could decode the sound.  Needs good SNR and still occasionally drops out...

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Re: Radio France International (Digital) 6015 DRM 0230 UTC 12 Feb 2024
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I have long said that DRM is junk! Even on the Kiwi receivers it has a hard time to decode.

Here are the DREAM optimum settings which I have found work best in my case:

Channel Estimation: both settings set to Linear
Audio Section: nothing selected

I usually monitor the Spectrum -> Shifted PSD to make sure that there is a nice square waveform in the bandbass.

I have been decoding DRM since early 2020 and have had limited success as well. Some stations you will not be able to decode the audio using DREAM v2.1 because of the CODEC being used. If I recall, DREAM v2.2 will decode HE AAC v2 but only works on Windows 10.

Here are some regular/familiar DRM stations on the dial:

Voice of Nigeria, Abuja
KWT Radio Kuwait Digital
TDF Radio France
RRI Galbeni

Go to the EiBi shortwave schedules page  http://www.eibispace.de/  and download eibi.txt. You can do a search (Ctrl-F) for the keyword digital. Alternatively, get the CSV database and then filter it in Excel.

Happy listening.
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