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Author Topic: another Guerrilla transmitter is born.  (Read 2720 times)

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another Guerrilla transmitter is born.
« on: September 13, 2013, 0346 UTC »
I got e-mails about low power out from this circuit.
Only about a  watt or so...


I went to Radio Shack and got the capacitors there...
and at work today figured out a circuit board plan to cut
out with the Dremel tool on some double sided copper board
.. .did not take long...

at first power up, I got about 5 watts of power... then I added another turn to L3 and
go a little more power.... about 7 watts.....   no problems..
for C5 I have two .001 MFD caps in series, for 500 pico-Farad.

so for L3 we should start with 6 to 7 turns,, then unwind..
also the value of these caps at C6 are not that accurate..

if you have a variable capacitor  around 1200 pico-F  for C6, that would be good.

but we are trying to keep it simple and easy, and low cost.. . .

so I built 2 just like this and have no problem getting several watts out of carrier power.
The picture of the O-scope is showing 10 volts per division...across my MFJ 50 ohm dummy load.

I have the IRF510 heatsinked to the copper board.

I will make a diagram with my layout and all...

check it out...

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