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BallSmacker Radio 6960 AM 0157 UTC 02 MAR 2024

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Hearing carrier only so far, hum of music in my noise floor. Winter Park, FL

Molvania Poacher:

315- "Friend Of The Devil" by Grateful Dead.

322- "Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel" by Tavares.

✠ Blue Max:
Catching up on my weekend loggings...

Heard the entire broadcast from just before 0200 to 0347. Strong signal, very low noise, and good reception throughout with occasional very minor fades.

0232 "Devil in Disguise," Elvis Presley
0237 Ballsmacker ID then "Earth Angel," The Penguins
0240 "She Talks to Angels," The Black Crowes

Decode of SSTV sent shortly before sign-off:

My off-air recording:

Thanks for the broadcast!


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