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Voice of the Sons of Liberty 6950 AM 2237 UTC 3 MAR 2024

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Dr. Strangelove:
Hearing an OM talking down in the noise

Andrew Yoder:
Excellent signal with the interviewee talking about Capitol Police & FBI on 1/6/20. Recorded an hour on the R8 & now switching back'n'forth between this & Musical Soundtrack Radio on the Sony 2010

VSoL coming in 5-8 to 5-9 in northern IL with a January 6th analysis.
Great program - thanks for the show!

Replaying the Jan 6th documentary then off

✠ Blue Max:
Heard from 2250 on 3 Mar until sign-off at 0035 on 4 Mar UTC.
Excellent signal, S9, low band noise and only very minor fading.

0031 ID heard "We are the Voice of the Sons of Liberty. Welcome to the great awakening. May you be blessed with peace, strength, and discernment. Where we go one, we go all."
0035 "Melancholia," Ryan Creep.

Seen this station logged several times, but it's my first time catching it. Please QSL. Thanks!

My off-air recording:


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