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Musical Soundtrack Radio 6935 AM 2330 UTC 3 MAR 2024

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S9+20 with the Vermont KiwiSDR.

2330 UTC-Music

2336 Sitar music? SIO 444

whoa!!! s9 into Northern Illinois....
Gospel Music!!!!!

S9 signal here this evening.

William Hassig:
Tuned in at 2340 utc on Saint Michel des Saints, QC, Canada sdr with fair/poor S7-S9 signal, pop music, at 2343 song "hair" from Broadway show Hair, various musical soundtracks, still on at 0147 on Brookfield WI sdr with fair/poor S7-S9 signal, more Broadway/movie songs, song "let the sun shine in" from Hair, off at 0156.     


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