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Musical Soundtrack Radio 6935 AM 2330 UTC 3 MAR 2024

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Andrew Yoder:
VG signal on R8 & recording there. Currently listening on Sony 2010 & switching between this & VoSons of Liberty. Sig poor/fair on just the whip of my 2010. I haven't heard any songs that I know yet, but a YL is belting out a song right now

Sunshine In then silent as of 0038 UTC though carrier still there
Then music picked back up at 0039 Aquarius
Signal good at na5b in VA and here in MD

Mick Boyle:

0039 UTC Aquarius - Sasha Allen & 'Hair' Tribe
0042 UTC Donna - Will Swenson & 'Hair' Tribe
0044 UTC Hashish - 'Hair' Tribe
0045 UTC Sodomy - Bryce Ryness & 'Hair' Tribe

0039 UTC Just tuned in hear "Aquarius" (S9+ with excellent audio!)
0042 UTC Unid song-OM singer segue into another song
0045 UTC YL giving Sign of the Cross, followed by another unid song
0047 UTC Different song
0050 UTC "I Believe In Love"-YL singers
0101 UTC "Hair"-Unid artist (I like the Cowsills version better!)
0106 UTC "Easy To Be Hard"-Unid YL singer
0113 UTC "Hare Krishna"
0126 UTC "White Boys"
0144 UTC "Good Morning Starshine"
0149 UTC "Let the Sun Shine"
0152 UTC A rocking version of "Hair", segue into a rocking gospel version of "Let the Sun Shine",
0156 UTC OFF

Thanks for that soundtrack, as I've never seen or heard "Hair" before, other than a couple of versions by "Three Dog Night, Fifth Dimension, Oliver, and the Cowsills! Here is my recording of the show:

0102 - Hair - Gavin Creel, Will Swenson & "Hair Tribe"                S9


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