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Musical Soundtrack Radio 6935 AM 2330 UTC 3 MAR 2024

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Molvania Poacher:

2343- "Hair" from the musical Hair.
2345- YL speaking dialogue from Hair, about not hurting anyone, with crowd affirming with a shout, into...
2345- "My Conviction" by Andrew Kober from the musical Hair.
2347- "Easy To Be Hard" by Caissie Levy from the musical Hair.

Radio Star:
S8 SIO: 444
2343 - "Hair" - From the Broadway play
2346 - "My Conviction" - From the musical Hair
2348 - "Easy To Be Hard" - From the musical Hair
2350 - "Don't Put It Down"

sinpo 44344
2350utc  "Easy To Be Heard" by Caissie Levy from HAIR the Musical
2351utc  " Don't Put It Down" by Bryce Ryness & Tommar Wison  from HAIR the Musical
2353utc  "Frank Mills" by Allison Case  from HAIR the Musical
2355utc  "Hare Krishna / Be-In" by'Hair' Tribe  from HAIR the Musical
2358utc  "Where Do I Go?" by Gavin Creel & 'Hair' Tribe  from HAIR the Musical

Sky Waves:
2355 UTC S4  into my SDR direct
Currently audio is down in the noise but can pick out music on peaks.
0003 Electric Blue from musical Hair

I have it with a fair(noisy) signal. Playing the tunes from musical Hair.  I think this is Musical Radio.  Thanks for the show.


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