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Author Topic: Dasher network, probable Pips, multiple freqs, Sep 17, 2013, start 0151 UTC  (Read 992 times)

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About 0151 UTC I noticed a dasher on 9050 kHz.  This was a one second dasher that repeated every 14 seconds (1.0 x 14.0).  Looking for other frequencies I found none.  It went off air at 0158 UTC.

At 0207 UTC I noticed another dasher on 4450 kHz.  This one was a one second dash every 7 seconds (1.0 x 7.0).  I found three other frequencies, making 4 total, 4450, 7700, 10575, and 13385 kHz.  The dashes sequenced low to high.  However, since I only found 4 freqs there may have been 3 more outstanding.  These ended at 0248 UTC.

At 0249 UTC 9050 was again active with a dasher, a one second dash each 7 seconds (1.0 x 7.0).  Looking for other freqs revealed 6420 kHz also active, the pulses cycled low to high, first 6420 then 9050 kHz.  This filled only 2 of the possible 7 time slots, so there may have been other frequencies unfound.  These dashes ended at 0313 UTC.

Because of the sequencing through the freqs, and the reuse of some of the old frequencies, I think this might be related to the network I call “Pips”, even though I have not seen this specific pulse width and spacing before.

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