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Author Topic: Fri-Sat 7/24-25/09 logs: DCR, KAOS, Northwoods, others  (Read 1268 times)

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Fri-Sat 7/24-25/09 logs: DCR, KAOS, Northwoods, others
« on: July 25, 2009, 1240 UTC »
Various logs from late Friday night, early Saturday morning, 7/24-25/09, from N. Central Texas.

7/25/2009 - Dead Cat Radio
6925 USB
0218z-0240z: All Sarah McLachlan music, including "Witness", "Building A Mystery", "Possession", others.
0227z: Ferocious kitty screeching
SINPO - 33133, good signal through heavy static crashes
0240z: "You've been listening to Dead Cat Radio" YL voice ID
SINPO - 32132, local whistling RFI increasing, signal still punching through fairly well
(Gopher Stomp, TX - R30C w/ fugloop)
23 minute 5 MB mp3 - Pirate_DCR_Sarah-McLachlan_6925U_7-25-09_0218z_33132.mp3

The cat came back...
0343-0353z: Warren Zevon, some old style R&R song I couldn't ID, ended Tracey Ullman "They Don't Know About Us"
0353z: Cat screech and car crash DCR ID
0358z: Seems to be back on, with Monkees, other music.
0414z: Well, I may be wrong, just heard Voice of KAOS ID, not sure when DCR ended and KAOS began
SINPO - 33132, good signal but uber crashy now, much worse suddenly past half hour

0547z: Another possible DCR sighting, based on signal, audio and playlist, including Gin Blossoms "Found Out About You":

7/25/09 - Possibly Northwoods Radio (based on tip from op)
6935 USB
0243-0250z: Not much to go on, OM voices, sounded like pre-recorded conversation, possibly news or talk show.  Too crashy to copy anything clearly.  Listening to mp3, can copy names of familiar characters and DXers in pirate scene, including Al Fansome, Chris Smolinski and George Zeller.  Can't quite tell what the context is, presumably some sort of parody.  Might have been voice ID for Ultraman.  Hearing audio clip from Ragnar's Pirate's Week podcast, including mention of one of my audio clips (appropriately crappy reception, per my usual!).  Seems to be a parody, mashups of various audio clips and riffs on familiar pirate themes.

Link to 7:30 minute mp3: Pirate_UNID_6930U_7-25-09_0243z.mp3 (Note: my title is misnamed 6930 kHz, should have read 6935 kHz).
Other Northwoods log
6925 USB
0208z-0215z: Very tough copy, heard loon call and Northwoods Radio voice ID, not much else audible.
SINPO - 23121
(Gopher Stomp, TX - R30C w/ indoor fugloop)

7/25/09 - Voice of KAOS
6925 USB
Not quite sure when DCR ended and Voice of KAOS began, but heard Monkees song around 0400z, followed by other music, then Voice of KAOS ID at 0414z. Similar signal strength and audio here, so not sure when one ended and other began.
0414z: Voice of KAOS ID
0415z: Led Zep "Whole Lotta Love"
0418z: "This is the Voice of KAOS" ID
0423z: Eagles "Dirty Laundry"
0429z: Closing ID w/ Get Smart theme.
SINPO - 23132, just audible through heavy static crashes.
(Gopher Stomp, TX)

7/25/09 - Possibly Live From The Club Radio (per similar 7/18/09 show, confirmed by op)
6930 USB
0610-0616z: Hearing what sounds like cover songs ("You Shook Me All Night Long"), against background of what sounds like a party.  Possibly Live From The Club Radio, similar program heard last week, 7/18/09
0630z: No music heard for several minutes, still very faint party type atmosphere and chatter just barely audible.
(Gopher Stomp, TX)
10 minute mp3 - Pirate_UNID_maybe-Live-From-Club-Radio_6930U_7-25-09_0608z_23121.mp3
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