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An ID Radio 6920 USB 0117 UTC 13 APR 2024

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0117: music "So Tied Up" - Cold War Kids
0119: "Get Free" - The Vines
0121: "Autobahn" - Sunfly Abraxa
55555, S9+15 peaks; excellent reception here
0130: ID "E-I-B Radio"; "My City Was Gone" - Pretenders
0135: "Sound of Silence" - Disturbed
0141: EOT

Thank you for the show, the nice music selection and the excellent signal!

0118 Music playing, good reception. S9+10 :)

S7-8  SIO 444  SINPO 45444

0116 UTC So Tied Up by Cold War Kids
0119 Get Free by The Vines
0121 Autobahn by The Hit Co. (Pretty cool cover!)
0130 My City Was Gone by Pretenders
0136 The Sound of Silence by Disturbed (Love this cover!!!!)
0140 Voice, "Please play "My City Was Gone" by The Pretenders" then OTA

Thank you for the broadcast!!!

0119 utc SIO333 direct

E I B radio

0119- The vines S9


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