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Radio Sunday 6950 USB 0001 UTC 15 APR 2024

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Signed on after the AM went off

S9 + 5   SIO 545   SINPO 55345

0007 UTC Sunday Will Never Be the Same by Spanky and Our Gang
0010 Birds chirping
0010 Sunday Girl by Blondie
0013 Birds Chirping
0014 Sunday Morning by Velvet Underground
0017 Birds Chirping
0018 Sunday Papers by Joe Jackson
0021 Chirping
0022 Easy by The Commodores
0026 "You are listening to Radio Sunday"
0027 Sunday Morning by No Doubt
0031 Chirping
0032 Peace Frog Blue Sunday by Doors
0034 Chirping into Another Park Another Sunday by The Doobie Brothers
0038 Chirping into Pleasant Valley Sunday by The Monkees
0042 Chirping into Groovin' by The Young Rascals
0045 Chirping, ID, into Beautiful Sunday by Daniel Boone

Thanks! Birds chirping is a nice touch!

Molvania Poacher:

010- "Sunday Girl" by Blondie (with birds tweeting in the background, here and there).
013- Just bird calls now.
014- "Sunday Morning"  by The Velvet Underground and Nico (with birds in background still).

0010 - Sunday Girl - Blondie                      S9
0014 - Sunday Morning - The Velvet Underground & Nico
0027 - Sunday Morning - No Doubt

On after Sons of Liberty with music
Good signal with birds tweeting in background


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