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Sternradio 6945.7 was 6961.6 AM 2352 UTC 19 APR 2024

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2352: talking; "please stand by. radio is having techincal difficulties. [etc.]" in EE and GG
2354: "Sweet Melissa" - Allman Brothers
55544, S9+20, slight fading; very strong
2358: "This is station Sternradio" by OM and YL
0031: QSY to 6945.7 -> music

Thank you for the broadcast!

2353: "The transmitter is smoking" into Melissa by The Allman Brothers Band.
2359: Absent Friends by Killing Joke.
0116: Masochist II by Die Form.

2354  Alternate sections by YL & OM, mellow rock music.


Sounds like Sternradio.

2354 - Hearing The Allman Brothers "Melissa". Signal is S7 into my NYC shack.

Thanks for the show!

Ct Yankee:
Good reception, Better here on AM

2358 YL and OM from Sternradio talking


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