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Author Topic: MWARA  (Read 1065 times)

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« on: September 28, 2013, 0013 UTC »
Listening to flight traffic over the north Atlantic, because that's what I do when I'm bored. Anyway notice a couple frequencies active that I don't usually see: 8861 and 8894.  I cant make out much of the traffic so I look them up and they are South Atlantic and Africa respectively.  Trying, but I am so far unable to make out what airports are active
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« Reply #1 on: October 01, 2013, 2115 UTC »
8861 is used by Dakar, Sal Island, and Canarias.  I've heard Luanda on here too, but its rare.   Mostly flights from/to Europe and Brazil, mostly Sao Paulo.  Most are flights from KLM, Air France, TAM, Lufthansa, Air Portugal, etc. 

8894 is Africa also.  Used by mostly by Algiers and Niamey, but I've heard Tripoli on there too.   

Some others that have been active here lately are 8903 for Accra, Niamey, Luanda, Kinshasa, even heard Maya Maya there once last month.  The last few days Singapore has been coming in real good on 8942 around 1400-1900Z, but it gets hit bad by HFDL QRM.  Also Mumbai on 8879. 

11 mhz has been doing well into my area (NW Ohio) from India and east Africa for a few hours in local early afternoon.  11285 for Columbo (Sri Lanka) and Chennai (India), 11300 for Khartoum, Tripoli, Cairo, occasionally Mogadishu.  It's hit and miss for the past couple of months, prior to that they were unheard from.

Antenna here is a 260' longwire with tuner, oriented towards Europe and down into east Africa.  Usually on the SDR, as it allows me to "see" what's active and whats not. 


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