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Radio Free Whatever 6880 USB 2238 UTC 20 APR 2024

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Doc Roe:
s9+10 on South Bev.
 "Variable Frequency Oscillator is now locked."
 "Frequency is clear and confirmed."

 Very nice audio for sideband!

ID is Radio Free Whatever
Steady S-7 on the Drake. Good signal!
22:50-Whatever Happened to You Son-Belle and Sebastian


Dick Weed:
It's RFW back with the latest lineup of spring indie music!

Listen live here on our studio feed: https://radiofreewhatever.mixlr.com/events/3354936

We always appreciate your help to keep our station...uh stationing! Please help us out at
www.gofundme.com/f/radiofreewhatever and thank you so much!

Radio Star:
DJ Dickweed coming in loud-and-clear!

2248 - "Drown A Fish" - Islands
2249 - "What Happened To You, Son?" - Belle and Sebastian
2253 - DJ Dickweed behind the mic. Great to hear you DW!
2254 -"Teenage Summer" - Crowded House
2258 - "Ghost" - Mary in The Junkyard
2327 - "Payback" - Aaron Frazer


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