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Author Topic: Voice of Indonesia - "shortwave 3-3-2-5 kilohertz and [new] 4-7-5-5 kilohertz"  (Read 125 times)

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INDONESIA. 3325, Voice of Indonesia (Channel One) from Palangkaraya, on May 13. At my local
sunrise (1301 UT) had fairly good reception, but that quickly faded down to extremely poor reception.
A few highlights:

1253-1301 UT: Japanese segment with songs and ending with contact info.

1301-1314: Intro (now announcing "shortwave 3-3-2-5 kilohertz and 4-7-5-5 kilohertz"); "National news"
(death toll for flash floods and cold lava flow in West Sumatra)
news story - https://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/floods-kill-43-indonesia-west-sumatra-rcna151922 .
and "International news" (Russian President Putin with leadership shakeup, etc.) and "Today's commentary."
My audio of the new frequency announcement - https://app.box.com/s/ynqaai9ke43mks778ngj11km7jyn63r9 .
The new frequency is 4754.83 kHz.(ex: 4749.95), as measured via remotes by Wolfgang Bueschel (thanks to
Wolfie!); I heard only a weak carrier, with no hint of audio; so it will take very good propagation for me to pull in
audio from the new frequency.

1314: Patriotic song “Bagimu Negeri”; extremely poor reception (unusable, so tuned out).

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