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Author Topic: DNB logs for June 2024  (Read 230 times)

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DNB logs for June 2024
« on: June 04, 2024, 0853 UTC »
Tuesday 04th of June 2024:

2.721MHz  KM2  0728z  529 report.
2.690MHz  XP7  0821z  519 report.
2.680MHz  UV0  0819z  529 report.
2.671MHz  JV2  0830z  569 report.
2.670MHz  SR2  0834z  539 report.
2.670MHz  YP8  0840z  529 report.
2.659MHz  OR3  0824z  319 report.
2.637MHz  UO4  0725z  559 report.
2.630MHz  WP5  0725z  559 report.
2.600MHz  OQ0  0809z  319 report.
2.527MHz  GU9  0740z  419 report.
2.526MHz  OQ5  0815z 529 report.
2.512MHz  OM6  0833z  529 report.
2.225MHz  FI3  0815z  529 report.
2.198MHz  NH0  0820z  419 report.
2.171MHz  CX6  0829z 529 report.
2.120MHz  NG9  0832z  519 report.


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