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Author Topic: The Heat is ON !  (Read 227 times)

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The Heat is ON !
« on: July 08, 2024, 1808 UTC »
Hey All,

Here at Boston we kind of dodged it for an extra 3 + weeks , compared than other parts of the country. But we seem to be “ in it “  now.

The jet stream seems to have fizzled out or moved North.Only a 50/50 chance for any more rain in the medium length future .

We HAD been doing good in the rain department , up until now. The Boston reservoir is full, so no anticipated problems for homes, but the farms just outside the water district could have some problems later on.

WITHIN the district, they are adding more and more users each year without any additional storage capacity.

So maybe it will become an issue at some years into the future.

We have a “ two” year supply at present consumption.

The only “ up” side is since the heat hit with a “ bit “ of “delay “ , in theory we will “ come out of it “ that much “ earlier “.

But aside from tropical systems we usually don’t get too much water in New England until the Winter and Spring.

So Fall may be “ cooler “, but still maybe dry.

FWIW, I was a 10 year volunteer at NWS Climate Research Station, Blue
Hill( Milton) MA.

I am an avid weather “ enthusiast “.

de NQC

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