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Author Topic: Linked CB Repeater / Gateway Network 27375 FM 27395 FM 27405 FM (Germany?)  (Read 181 times)

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Received via online receivers in Europe and the UK. 

First noted on 07 July 2024 07/07/2024, identical signals simulcasted on three frequencies at once, specifically CB radio channels 37, 39 and 40


27.375 MHz FM 27,375 FM Channel 37 Kanal 37 C37E FM mid band FM channel 37 FM
27.395 MHz FM 27,395 FM Channel 39 Kanal 39 C39E FM mid band FM channel 39 FM
27.405 MHz FM 27,405 FM Channel 40 Kanal 40 C40E FM mid band FM channel 40 FM

Signals noted on 7 July were all German language chatter.

As of right now, via the G8JNJ SDR (UK based SDR) at 1735 UTC / 1736 UTC, I am hearing identical signals on 27.395MHz FM and 27.405MHz FM....27375 is very weak and has lots of AM, FM and SSB QRM so I'm presuming propagation just isn't as insane as it was two days ago.

At 1738 UTC, 27405 became unusable due to very strong QRM (Italian CB radio chatter) in FM mode.  Shortly thereafter, the same thing happened on 27395, with AM voice signals obliterating the FM signal underneath.  Very strong Italian CB signals at 1739 UTC, peaking at S9, S9+10dB or even higher channel 39 AM.

Considering the fact that there are numerous signals that are not being repeated...I would presume (assume?) that this system, like the 26 MHz network(s), make extensive use of CTCSS tones (PL tone squelch). 

Still, I am fascinated by the number of these systems popping up all over the place now.  I know simplex repeaters (parrot repeaters) are nothing new, especially in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and elsewhere in Eastern Europe...and now Central and Western Europe...

Well, now that you can get a multi-band mobile CB with AM and FM capability for under $80 and it happens to have the same 2-pin audio connector on the front panel that Baofeng, etc. radios have, a SureCom SR-112 or Radio-Tone RT-SRC1+ simplex repeater controller (with the standard Baofeng / Kenwood audio connector cable assembly), a power supply, an external antenna and a modest amplifier...and you'd have yourself a nice CB repeater. 

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