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Author Topic: Another Collection of logs, including M12, M14, E06, XPA, E07a and others  (Read 2519 times)

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Here's another collection of Numbers Stations that I recorded throughout this week. Do recall that I recorded all of them via the Twente WebSDR.

E06 Full Message At 1920z on 11/13/13 on 3526 kHz. (Starts 1:10 in.)


M12 Full Message At 1910z on 11/13/13 on 9327 kHz.


M12 Full Message At 1740z on 11/14/13 on 8116 kHz.


S06 Full Message At 1905z on 11/14/13 on 3838 kHz.


XPA Full Message At 1940z on 11/14/13 on 6823 kHz.*


M14 Full Message At 0800z on 11/16/13 on 5430 kHz.


E07a Full Message (Null) At 0900z on 11/16/13 on 11553 kHz


* There is an absence of a waterfall screenshot in the XPA video, that I apologize for.

--- Partial Recordings ---

Mostly due to the fact that the clock in one area was 5 minutes slow, I was only able to partially record two stations. M12 and M14, below are the recordings if anyone is interested.

M12 Partial Message At 1910z on 11/12/13 on 8116 kHz


M14 Partial Message At 1920z on 11/13/13 on 4761 kHz


Thank you all, and I'll be back in another week with a new collection of logs and findings.

Have a nice day.
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Wow, great postings.catches.  Thanks for sharing.

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