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Author Topic: Recent Pirate activity immediately below 49 meters:  (Read 1114 times)

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Recent Pirate activity immediately below 49 meters:
« on: November 15, 2013, 1934 UTC »
I have recently monitored nightly Pirate activity right below 49 meters at 5850 and 5830 AM mode from approximately 0200 Z to 0300 Z.  5850 was up again last night for an extended time with a wide range of music and what sounded like commentary/news from both a Y/L and M/op.  Language undetermined.  I believe this is a different station than the other thread I started recently reference 5850.



Also on 5830 recently (same zulu time) a male op EE recites Old Testament biblical versus non-stop for exactly one hour .  I have not yet monitored sign on or sign off, nor do I have a recording as of yet.  What is interesting about this station is the signal strength, it's S7 plus on the Euro Remotes (German) and S4-5 on the North American Remotes; Upstate-Mid-State NY.

As always any comments appreciated.


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