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Author Topic: More Logs, G06, E11, E11a, S06, XPA, S32, S30 And E07a  (Read 4922 times)

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More Logs, G06, E11, E11a, S06, XPA, S32, S30 And E07a
« on: December 22, 2013, 2226 UTC »
Not one Morse station was recorded, though many were heard.

As always, all broadcasts were recorded via the University of Twente WebSDR.

G06 Full Message At 1830z On 12/12/13 On 4519 kHz


E11 Full Message At 1730z On 12/12/13 On 5062 kHz


G06 Full Message At 1930z On 12/13/13 On 4792 kHz


S06 Full Message At 1935z On 12/14/13 On 3832 kHz


XPA Full Message At 0700z On 12/14/13 On 7756 Khz


G11 Full Message At 2000z On 12/15/13 On 4441 kHz


The Squeaky Wheel (S32) Full Message At 1934z On 12/18/13 On 3828 kHz


The Squeaky Wheel (S32) Full Message At 1934z On 12/20/13 On 3828 kHz


The Pip (S30) Full Message At 0434z On 12/21/13 On 5448 kHz


XPA Full Message At 0700z On 12/21/13 On 7756 kHz


E07a Full Message At 0900z On 12/21/13 On 11121 kHz


E11 Full Message At 0900z On 12/21/13 On 4441 kHz


E11a Full Message At 1810z On 12/21/13 On 10213 kHz


S06 Full Message At 1930z On 12/21/13 On 3172 kHz


G11 Full Message At 1755z On 12/22/13 On 6433 kHz


That's all for now, Happy Holidays all!

More logs to come next week, until then.. take care.
Florida, always listening via my Tecsun PL-660 receiver.


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