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Author Topic: V13 8300 kHz 1300 AM 02-22-14  (Read 867 times)


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V13 8300 kHz 1300 AM 02-22-14
« on: February 22, 2014, 1325 UTC »
V13 / 8300 kHz / 1300-1330 / AM / 02-22-14 / 555

YL w/ usual 4-digit groups in CC via Global Tuner's "Hong Kong" site; unfortunately the propagation gods have not smiled on my Idaho site for reception of this signal albeit weak from this QTH.  I purchased an RF Pro 1B (similar to the Wellbrook) loop and will mount it on a Hy-gain antenna rotor on top of the mast that supports my two main antennas.  If it works well, I will take down my long wire and leave my sloper and the loop as my main antennas.  Hopefully, the directional capabilities will aid in picking up these weak signals (including pirates) better than the long wire.  I sure hope so especially for how much it costs!

Here it is for your listening pleasure from the Taiwanese Intelligence Agency (presumed)!
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