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Author Topic: 189 khz Iceland 3-19-14 2:10 utc  (Read 2611 times)

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189 khz Iceland 3-19-14 2:10 utc
« on: March 19, 2014, 0221 UTC »
I have a decent carrier and faint modulation on 189 khz  this evening.
2:10 utc Female announcer talking - I thought it sounded like Spanish or maybe Italian language.
into some music - Male singer fading sown into the noise.
2:18 utc I can hear her again, really sounds a bit like Spanish, still could be Italian.. Can't tell darn it...
2:44 utc - signal getting much stronger right now - Playing Scorpions Winds of Change- Last time
same female announcer was talking - pretty sure now - sounds like Iceland, not Spanish or Italian language.
Also have 'visible" modulation and good carrier on 162 khz now - too much static there for me, also what look like carriers on 153, 170, 177, 180 and 190 khz.
As usual on LW everything slowly fading in and out....
3:01 utc  kicked in the "Noise blanker"  On 162 khz  Male then female announcer speaking in French....
3:10 utc  189 khz two females talking, also shut down LED porch lights and ultrasonic humidifier, ahh that's better,  definitely Iceland...
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Re: 189 khz UNID 3-19-14 2:10 utc
« Reply #1 on: March 19, 2014, 0236 UTC »
LW was great here last night, but tonight there's some local RFI taking out the LW BC band rendering it useless.  >:(

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