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Pirate Radio Station Email Addresses


A list of pirate radio station email addresses is being maintained at the HF Underground Wiki:

Such a list is never complete, so if you have any additions or corrections, feel free to edit the wiki yourself, or send them to me as a message here on the HFU. Or reply to this message, and I'll add the entry and delete the reply when it's been done.

Likewise, feel free to create a page on the wiki for stations that don't currently have one. Just click on the link, and you'll be taken to a page were you can create one. Use the same login information for the Wiki as here on the message board.

How often is this list updated?
Any idea is the pirate station PeeWee or Wolverine Radio as an email address?
I know that this list has a few pirate stations missing.

The list, as well as anything else on the Wiki, can be updated by any HFU member. Please feel free to add email addresses to the list.

AFAIK neither Wolverine nor PeeWee has an email address.

I just added some email address to the list for you guys. Hope that was okay.  ;D

CoolAM Radio:
Special Information!

To prevent confusion hereby email addresses info
about the different Stations using the Id. "RADIO NOVA."

From the USA - "Radio Nova USA" 



From the U.K.- "Radio Nova"     



From the Netherlands - "Radio Nova International/Netherlands"



CoolAM Radio - Shortwave
Radio Nova International/Netherlands


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