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Author Topic: Logs, E06, E07a, E11, E17z, S06, HM01, M01, M12 and XPA  (Read 4257 times)

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Logs, E06, E07a, E11, E17z, S06, HM01, M01, M12 and XPA
« on: April 18, 2014, 0410 UTC »
I have returned as promised with another handful of logs.

All were recorded via the University of Twente WebSDR.

E07a Full Message At 0430z On 4/17/14 On 7437 kHz.


HM01 Full Message At 0500z On 4/17/14 On 14375 kHz.


E11 Full Message At 0645z On 4/17/14 On 10800 kHz.


E17z Full Message At 0810z On 4/17/14 On 12930 kHz.


XPA Full Message At 1900z On 4/17/14 On 10943 kHz.


S06 Full Message At 1905z On 4/17/14 On 5127 kHz.


M12 Full Message At 1920z On 4/17/14 On 7931 kHz.


M01 Full Message At 2000z On 4/17/14 On 5020 kHz.


E06 Full Message At 2030z On 4/17/14 On 5186 kHz.


That's all I have for today, make good use of them. I shall post more later.

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