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Author Topic: Russian MX beacons log.  (Read 61432 times)

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Re: Russian MX beacons log.
« Reply #345 on: January 16, 2020, 0955 UTC »
Thursday 16th January 2020:

16.332.2MHz  CW  0812z  "F"  Vladivostok 219-319 report.
16.331.8MHz  CW  1043z  "P"  Kaliningrad 419 report.

13.527.9MHz  CW  0933z  "S"  Severomorsk 519 report.
13.527.7MHz  CW  1150z  "D"  Sevastapol 519 report.

10.872.4MHz  CW  0940z  "M"  Magadan 529 report.
10.872.2MHz  CW  1151z  "F"  Vladivostok 529 report.
10.872.1MHz  CW  1038z  "A"  Astrakhan 419 report.
10.872.0MHz  CW  0930z  "C"  Moscow 419 report.

8.495.4MHz  CW  0947z  "M"  Magadan 529 report.
8.495.3MHz  CW  0947z  "K"  Petropavlovsk 519 report.
8.495.0MHz  CW  1632z  "C"  Moscow 319 report.
8.494.9MHz  CW  0949z  "S"  Severomorsk 519 report.

7.509.1MHz  CW  1156z  "A"  Astrakhan 319 report.
7.508.8MHz  CW  1613z  "P"  Kaliningrad 419 report.
7.039.4MHz  CW  1052z  "M"  Magadan 519 report.

5.342.0MHz  CW  1159z  "V"  Khiva 549 report.
5.154.4MHz  CW  1054z  "M"  Magadan 519 report.
5.153.7MHz  CW  2005z  "D"  Sevastapol 419 report.

4.338.0MHz  CW  1607z  "V"  Khiva 519 report.
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