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Author Topic: Halloween weekend 2009 logs from Texas  (Read 1455 times)

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Halloween weekend 2009 logs from Texas
« on: November 05, 2009, 0835 UTC »
Late log, was very disorganized over the Halloween weekend, but caught some entertaining shows here in N. Central Texas.  SSTV included, may post links to audio clips later.  More or less in chronological order.

Pumpkin Patch Radio
10/30/09, 2330z, 6925 USB
Song in Spanish, b&w SSTV with "Radio Crimes" caption, theme music from movie "Halloween."
Difficult copy, only occasionally audible.

10/30/09, 2215-2230 UTC, 6925 USB
Boxxy bits, Rob Zombie "Living Dead Girl", audio from "Night of the Living Dead".
SINPO - 34323

Satan Radio
10/30/09, 2235-2255 UTC, 6925 USB
Deep voice IDs, heavy metal music, SSTV Scottie DX mode of Ouija board w/ Satan Radio ID.
SINPO - 24232

Voice of Doom
10/31/09, 0010z, 6925 USB
"...what scares me...", OM voice monologue only occasionally audible over music background.  Apparently promo for Halloween show.
Voice of Doom
10/31/09, 0033z, 6925 USB
Barely audible, tho' ID was clear.  Sounds like promo for show.

Wolverine Radio
10/31/09, 0055z, 6930 USB
0055z: Wolverine Radio ID.  Just barely audible since around 0050z, not enough to ID any material.
0118z: Fairly good reception of SSTV despite high local RFI.  SSTV image of "Boneyard Lullabies" album cover by Nick Noxious and the Necrophiliacs.  (This show was later repeated with much better reception here.)
Fair signal, very high local noise.

Undercover Radio
10/31/09, 0412-0450 UTC, 6925U
Repeat of 2005 Halloween Show - story about diving; Laurie Anderson "Hotel Hot Dogs" - w/ live commentary from Dr. Benway, acknowledging FRN and e-mail reports.  Attempted QSO with Radio Ga-Ga op, I could hear both but they didn't seem to be hearing each other.
Good signal peaks, lots of fading into noise.

Radio Ga-Ga
10/31/09, 1300-1335 UTC, 6925 USB
Spooky sound fx, SSTV of pumpkin, a little different version of the familiar "Monster Mash", followed with several SSTV images in B&W8 mode.
SINPO - 34333, good audio
Several SSTV from Radio Ga-Ga, and possible another station:


Barnyard Radio
10/31/09, 2105-2147 UTC, 6930 USB
Chuck Manson commentary about songs, a bit from the Lord's Prayer briefly audible between music segments, chicken clucking sounds, music from Black Sabbath or Ozzy Osborne, sounds familiar, don't recall song title.  Ended w/ maniacal laughter segue, mention of Halloween from op.
Fair signal, noisy local conditions.

Ann Hoffer
10/31/09, 2207 UTC, 6925 USB
Ann singing "Ahh-woo!" Werewolves of London.  A real treat as I hardly ever catch Ann.
SINPO - 24222, only occasionally audible above the mush.

The mysterious whispered ID station, sounds like Wolverine Radio.
10/31/09, 2320-2350 UTC, 6930 USB
Continuous sound fx, growling, screams, etc., typical of what you'd hear in a Halloween season recreational haunted house. Heard a couple of whispered ID's, sounded like the "Wolvesbane Radio" or "Wolverine Radio" whispered ID's logged before.
SINPO - 34233, S5-S7, peaks to S9, over S2-S3 noise. Very good audio clarity.

6925 USB
All received between 2310-2330z, various modes:


Voice of Doom
10/31/09-11/1/09, 0000-0049 UTC, 6925 USB
Voice of Doom ID's and intro, "Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, this is the Voice of Doom", op encouraging listeners to prepare for accompanying SSTV in Martin 1 mode, to visualize story character "Morak: The thing behind the wall".

Only able to copy a few phrases:  An ad featuring special mortuary services for jihadist terrorists.  "...natural light... through window... parole officer... what the hell is he talking about... walk right through the wall".  Sounded like a fascinating program, too bad erratic propagation conditions weren't favorable for this type of programming with complex narrative structure.
SINPO - 32222, occasional good peaks but lots of noise fading and some QRM around 0024z from a second station playing music, and some loud OTHR bursts.  As usual due to erratic propagation this year, I doubt the QRM was intentional and the stations probably couldn't copy each other.
0049z: Doom SSTV received:


Sycko Radio via WBNY relay
10/31/09, 2250 UTC, 6900 AM
Only briefly audible at gray line, "Halloween" movie theme, something about a "bogeyman".

Pumpkin Patch Radio
11/1/09, 0148-0212 UTC, 6925 USB
Halloween movie theme, "Welcome to the pumpkin patch", AC/DC "Highway to Hell", Halloween movie theme again.
SINPO - 24312, only occasionally audible, mostly fades into S2-S3 noise here

Scott Joplin Radio
11/1/09, 0152-0206 UTC, 6935 USB
Ragtime piano, Scott Joplin Radio ID and whistle after "The Entertainer"
SINPO - 23222, some fades to inaudible

Wolverine Radio
Reprise of same Halloween show aired a day earlier, this time with much better reception.
11/1/09, 0054-0137 UTC, 6930 USB
Sounds like Wolverine Radio played entire album of "Boneyard Lullabies" by Nick Noxious and the Necrophiliacs.  Classic rock and roll style songs with creepy and often hilarious lyrics.  Top notch audio quality.  Several clear station ID's.  Ended with SSTV, Martin 1 mode, of the album cover.  Easily the cleanest SSTV I've ever caught from a pirate.  Very good signal, a real treat.
SINPO - 44323, peaks over S9, some fades to S3, noise level only S1-S2.

WEAK Radio
11/1/09, 1901-1918 UTC, 6930 USB
Distinctive WEAK Radio ID, music I didn't recognize other than an odd version of "With a Little Help From My Friends", followed by multiple WEAK Radio ID's.

After either a pause or faded out, returned with much stronger signal.
1930-2012 UTC:
"Witch Queen of New Orleans" Redbone, more voodoo theme music, movie trailers for "4D Man" and "The Amazing Colossal Man", ended with "Flying Purple People Eater" and "Monster Mash", followed by SSTV from WEAK... a first?
SINPO - 24322, just above noise level with some fading into moderate noise

11/1/09, 1940-1950 UTC, 6925 USB
Mix of various audio bits, some version of "Helter Skelter", Peter Gabriel "Shock the Monkey", then off or faded out.
SINPO - 24322, just above noise level with some fading into moderate noise

UNID relay of Radio Azteca
11/1/09, 6925 USB, approx. 1200-1400 UTC
From unattended recording, which didn't time stamp properly.
SINPO - 24222
All sounded like bits recorded from various sources, then looped and mashed up:
"Good evening friends of the Inner Sanctum."
"That's it for now, we'll be back soon. Goodnight, folks."
"Where's my gun. Oh, there it is. Well, it's a hell of a way to sign off, but goodbye cruel world."
"Well, (suck? kiss?) my ear lobes and grope my testicles."
"This is your announcer Bram Stoker... and this is (unintelligible) shortwave... program number 22..."

Radio Casablanca
Okay, not really a Halloween show, but what a classy station!
6940+ AM
2250z: "Blue Skies"
2255z: "I'll Be Seeing You"
2300z: Radio Casablanca ID
2302z: "Joltin' Joe DiMaggio"
2306z: "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy". SINPO = 8 to the bar.
SINPO - 33323. Some deep, fluttering fades but possibly best signal so far to my area from Radio Casablanca. Occasional loud bursts of QRM from what sounds like ALE, but not too bad. Hearing this on Sony 2010 indoors w/ AM sync mode.

2318z: "Begin the Beguine"
2323z: "Dream a Little Dream of Me", sounds like Ella Fitzgerald/Louis Armstrong version
2325z: "Animal Crackers in My Soup", li'l Shirley.
2331z: Billie Holiday, recognize voice but can't quite copy song.
2344z: "If I Didn't Care for You" occasionally audible
2349z: Gene Kelly "Singing in the Rain"
After 2315z, occasional peaks to S7, lots of fades to S4 noise.

2359z: "Paper Moon" just barely audible, QRN lower but signal barely there.
0001z: Radio Casablanca ID, e-mail address, audio clip from "Casablanca" ("I am shocked, shocked!"), La Marseillaise
0004z: Carrier dropped after "...this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship" line.
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