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Author Topic: 6924.4 AM 2350 UTC Jul 8 RFW  (Read 1373 times)

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6924.4 AM 2350 UTC Jul 8 RFW
« on: July 08, 2014, 2352 UTC »
2352  Stefan and Dick Weed discussing Jackie Gleason
2353  ID  RFW, RPM   decent signal, S9 a little fading
0002  ID  More 'elevator music'
( there is a class 2 (?) radio flare event being reported on Ionoprobe)
0006  Jackie Gleason  orchestra. Dick Weed RFW ID
0013  RPM mood music still going. Very mellow.. reminds me of watching curling , for some reason.
0019  Record bag vs record stack !  Al Goodman & orchestra

Thanks Dick and Stefan.. always enjoy the show !

0048  Version of Night Train
0058 Sign off, email address DickweedDJ@gmail.com

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Re: 6925 AM 2350 UTC Jul 8 RFW
« Reply #1 on: July 09, 2014, 0003 UTC »
Nice signal here at 2356 UTC tune in on 6924.4ish KHZ with end of music, "Radio Free Whatever" ID by DJ Dickweed, followed by some EZ listening instrumental music. Sounds like Old Time Radio drama background music...rather soothing after a hot day at the shop! Clean AM audio here, but there seems to be a little bit of selective fading on an otherwise solid S8 signal.
0007 UTC DJ Dickweed ID'ing songs played and chat with Steven about the music reminds him of the "Sound of Music" with the Swiss Alps in the background, then ID'ing the next 45 with 4 songs on it. "Day by Day"...etc
(Interesting propagation tonight...pretty good size solar flare today, and with the 6 KHZ filter, I get different fading patterns on each sideband. LSB with slow flutter and USB with rapid fluttering of signal}
0016 UTC RFW ID during songs started at 0007 UTC
0018 UTC Dickweed ID'ing songs played...reminds him of listening to music in the Dentists chair getting his teeth drilled...ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ...drops of blood..., then with Steven, ID'ing next set of 8 songs...(Al Goodman?).
(The music reminds me of what I used to hear back around 1960 or so on my parents radio/phono combo with the flip down lid with the little push buttons above the little slots with the radio station names on them. The station I recall was WTYM-1600. This station is now the well known WAQY AM 1600/WAQY-102.1 FM) They played this kind of music for the grandma and grandpa crowd!)
(Using the 2.4 KHZ filter and switching sidebands, most of the fading is very slow...I guess the sidebands are clashing when you throw in the carrier and listen in AM...I think this is the reason for having ECSS?...I wish I had a Sherwood SE-3!)
0034 UTC Dickweed and Steven with ID....RPM
(What a great evening for taking a nap in the elevator!)
0043 UTC ID during songs..."smoke another cigarette and pour yourself another shot of vodka...Radio Free Whatever"...then back to the music
(Nice evening for a walk in the cemetary!)
0046 UTC Dickweed & Steven ID'ing the 8 pack of songs and next song up..."Night Train"...song from some movie..."this is your caffeine...your cup of coffee after all that relaxation", then the song
(Nurse, come quickly! The nursing home has gone berserk! Their cutting the straps and having wheelchair races in the hallways!)
0052 UTC Rap music? (Spock, can you get a fix on that?)
0057 UTC Dickweed and Steven chat about the last rap tune..."strip club transition...our great artistic perception of music"...gave email address, then "Until next time...Do Whatever" and off at 0059 UTC
Thanks for the exciting entertaining relaxing program tonight! I will have no problem going to sleep now ;D
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Re: 6924.4 AM 2350 UTC Jul 8 RFW
« Reply #2 on: July 09, 2014, 0043 UTC »
Fair S5 signal playing music Dad used to make us kids (crammed into the back seat of a Ford Fairlane) listen to while driving down the road to Wherever.

Thanks for the show!
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