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Author Topic: The Low-Tech Solution to the High-Tech Police State: Pirate Radio  (Read 790 times)

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Sometimes the response to high technology is low technology.

If you do some research you’ll find out the setting up an FM station through legal channels is extremely expensive, heavily regulated, and quite arbitrary in rules and actual practice. In other words you have to grease a lot of palm’s to get anything done, and then they can still shut you down at anytime they want. What other options are available?

The answer is “pirate radio.” An effective pirate radio station appears relatively easy to setup, and can be effectively done as little as a few hundred dollars, with a transmission radius of a few miles. For a few thousand dollars, you can put one together that will have the transmission radius of 10-15 miles, depending on things like transmitter power, antenna length, height above the ground, and so on.


Item image   Sony AN-71 Compact Antenna