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Author Topic: Today's newbie post...grounding a H-800 at entrance to house (?)  (Read 1620 times)

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Still scheming on my semi-permanent antenna installs, and am wondering what to do with my h-800.  In a former life I had just run the e-probes permanently attached rg-174/u coax inside w/out any grounding.  Since I'll be grounding my other antenna feeds (rg-6 from a discone and a sky loop) to the metal bulkhead box where they enter the house, I'm at a loss (ha!) with what to do about the h-800.  Looking at the schematic (https://www.lfengineering.com/files/pdf/H-800inst.pdf) I think I could do the same, but was hoping for some expert advice.  Even though the antenna is active, it looks to me like the coax shield is grounded anyway so grounding it where it passes through the bulkhead shouldn't matter.

Now back to ground rod pounding......
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Re: Today's newbie post...grounding a H-800 at entrance to house (?)
« Reply #1 on: August 04, 2014, 0053 UTC »
Bond the shield of the coax at your bulkhead and you should be fine.

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