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Author Topic: Voice of Doom 6925U, Thing Behind the Wall  (Read 605 times)

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Voice of Doom 6925U, Thing Behind the Wall
« on: November 14, 2009, 0027 UTC »
Voice of Doom
11/14/09 (or Friday the 13th, US time, 6:15 pm)
6925 USB
0015z: Voice of Doom ID's
0022z: Parody commercial for mortuary specializing in terrorist funerals
0026z: Intro to reprise of Voice of Doom's recent Halloween broadcast, "The Thing Behind the Wall", with elaborate narrative against background music.  Very reminiscent of KIPM and Dr. Benway's narratives on Undercover Radio.  Central character, Harry, imprisoned, hears voice of character "Morak" talking from behind the wall of his cell.
0045z: Lots of fading, but strong enough peaks to follow narrative, as Harry talks about crossing the membrane wall to meet the character Morak, waking up next day wondering whether incident was real.
0050z: Harry learns he may be pardoned since another person confessed to the murder for which he was convicted.  Still wonders whether Morak was real or fantasy.
0059z: Sign-off ID, badly faded but able to copy mention of John Carmack, the fellow behind video game maker iD and the legendary game Doom.

Much better signal so far than the Halloween night show, though with lots of fading.  Generally good enough to follow the complex narrative.
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