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Author Topic: More beacons...very odd propagation.  (Read 449 times)

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More beacons...very odd propagation.
« on: May 02, 2017, 0648 UTC »
Very strange propagation when I woke at 1930z this morning, usually 6 to 10MHz is cluttered with Asian "jibber jabber" but this morning they were very weak, so had a browse through the usual beacon haunts and logged the following:

7.508.1MHz  CW  "A" Astrakhan Russian Naval beacon/marker, Volga River, Russia. 539 report at 1940z.
7.508.9MHz  CW  "S" Severomorsk Russian Naval beacon/marker, Kola Bay, Murmansk, Russia. 419 report at 1946z.

8.495.4MHz  CW  "M" Magadan Russian Naval beacon/marker, Sea of Okhotsk, Far East. 569 report at 2046z.
8.495.8MHz  CW  "L" St Petersburg Russian Naval beacon/marker, Gulf of Finland/River Neva, Russia. 429 report at 2049z.

8.319MHz  CW  "4XZ" Israeli Defence Force, Haifa, Israel with rapid morse letters/numbers bursts.  589 report at 2052z.
8.424MHz  CW  "SVO" Olympia Marine Radio, Hellenic Met Centre, Greece. 589 report at 2055z.
8.421MHz  CW  "WLO" Mobile, Alabama beacon with preceding "buzz" tones. 319 report with ripple on signal, longpath? 2056z.
8.431MHz  CW  "TAH" Istanbul Marine Radio, Turkey. 599 report at 2057z.
8.492MHz  CW  "AQP2" Pakistan Navy beacon/marker, Karachi. 519 report at 2044z.

Had a good look around for "V" Khiva in Uzbekistan but not a trace.  "M" Magadan was audible on most of the lower HF frequencies, it's a regular here.
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Re: More beacons...very odd propagation.
« Reply #1 on: September 21, 2018, 0147 UTC »
From 0135z 21 Sept 2018 8431kHz  CW  TAH Istanbul Marine Radio w/ SS SSB QRM
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