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Author Topic: "Computers and DX'ing"-Bill Krause 1986  (Read 879 times)

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"Computers and DX'ing"-Bill Krause 1986
« on: September 01, 2014, 1559 UTC »
I don't know if it is acceptable to copy this paragraph from ***Gerry Dexter's "Shortwave Listening With The Experts" given modern copyright laws, but in the interests of discussion I will chance it. Last night in the IRC Chat room, I mentioned the prescience of Bill Krause, author of Chapter 10 in Gerry's book "Computers and DX'ing", in speculating on the future of computers in the radio listening hobby. Below is that small section on page 176....as much of this has come to pass since 1986, comments are solicited, specifically those who use SDR's and such, and of course I would be happy if Al Fansome would weigh in on the subject! Remember this was from 1986. As follows...

"Over the past ten years, the most significant trends in radio equipment have been the digitalizing of receivers and the adding of microprocessors to all manner of radio equipment. The big change coming is that, instead of adding microprocessors to radios, radios will be added to microprocessors. This will give the user the greatest possible control over the radio, perhaps to the point where radio may control the user, rather than the other way around. Using a computer, the operator will be able to preprogram all aspects of a receivers performance. He'll be able to set these parameters and then go on to other things. It will enable him to fine-tune the receiver as never before possible. It will also, for instance, enable the "DX'er" to set his "radio" to check all frequencies of all the DX targets he might be interested in. If any of the frequencies have the specified programming at specified quality levels, the receiver will then record the program and even write a reception report in the proper language-all without the "DX'er" having heard a single syllable or crackle of static, if he so chooses. It this DX'ing? Well, the hobby will, before long, have to answer that question."

***I highly recommend picking up a copy of this if you can find it....it is a fascinating look at all aspect of the radio hobby!
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