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25910 FM KLDE-FM 104.9 in Eldorado TX Studio Link

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25910KHz FM KLDE-FM 104.9 in Eldorado TX
Spanish programming
2020z "Oh Tannenbaum" instrumental
2024z Link ID "WQGY434" in male voice [recorded loop]
s9 on peaks!!!
Video of reception: http://youtu.be/qNUNBZedIf4

I'm hearing some music here at 2250 UTC C&W tune with deep fades and some distortion.
2252 UTC Different song man singer and accordian S7 at peaks!
2255 UTC News..mention of San Antonio, 2258 UTC AD for Fraternal Insurance?, new again then silence for a bit.
2300 UTC ID for KLGE KLDE 104.9 FM, into another accordian song
(Audio is somewhat distorted here with my 6 khz filter)
I guess this is a feeder station or studio link transmission using FM. There is also one being heard here on 25990 KHZ badly distorted with a buzzing noise. Interesting!

I must be dyslexic... I wrote down KLDE & kept typing KLGE  :'(
It is generally a studio link to the field while doing remotes but these are left on for monitoring the off-air or outright broadcast...
The parallel on 25.990 is rather strange looking to begin with. Appears AM yet the FM component doesn't have the smooth sound of FM...
One of the guys on "I Take Pictures of Transmitter Sites" group on Facebook mentioned the possibility it was heavy use of FM preemphasis/deemphasis but I have never seen distortion like that signal with or even without any... It simply doesn't look or sound right...

Both of these STL's  have been making the trip up to Montana in the day often this year.

For me the STL's have always matched their web feed at http://www.klderadio.com/

Note that 104.9 Mhz Eldorado has a translator or sister station 105.3 in San Angelo, maybe why there are two STL's?

I received them today at 1750 UTC 25910 FM 12/15/2014 playing Christmas music at the time given they played 'Rocking Around The Christmas Tree'  By Brenda Lee... Good signal got the ID on a sound file :-)

They seem to ID after each song which makes it great to ID...  'I love it when a plan comes together'

Have a Merry Christmas all :-)


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