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Author Topic: 189 khz AM Iceland? 3:34 utc Dec 1 2014  (Read 2618 times)

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189 khz AM Iceland? 3:34 utc Dec 1 2014
« on: December 01, 2014, 0343 UTC »
189 khz AM S 2.5 - S3

3:34 utc getting some audio of soft rock or easy listening music, whatever,  nice base line,
can't hear the male vocals enough to ID language but may be in english.
3:35 utc  did not hear any talking or Id - into another similar sounding tune - similar vocals as well.
Just one more S units and this would be decent copy for 189 khz..
3:46 utc S2 - carrier almost gone, audio all gone..
3:46 utc back up to S 2.5 - S3  female vocals
Looking around - I see DIW 198 khz - NDB beacon out of Dixon North Carolina, good sign for me that
I'm getting long wave propagation from the East, just don't see how I'll ever ID any  AM above 200 khz
with all the beacons I have above 200 khz? Guess I will need a direction setup of some kind.
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