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Bogusman QSL
« on: February 06, 2015, 1939 UTC »
Got a surprise today with this Bogusman QSL! Many thanks Bogusman! :D
Here is also some info Bugusman sent with the QSL:
The Bogusman shares his unique commentary on life and Malcolm. His Free Radio journey, starting
with appearances on a tower block pirate station, progressing to operations on 48m, then creating 'The
Bogus Jobseeker Experience' for a multiband FR station has culminated in the current free thinking,
free wheeling, irreverent Bogus brand.
A vinyl stalwart, the Bogusman brings you contemporary indie releases. Forays into the cavernous
depths of the 'Pit Library' unearth classic tracks from decades past.
Transmissions are mostly made using valve equipment, with an output power of at least 100W.
Occasionally, a lower-powered solid state transmitter is used. Sites are various and are in England.
The antenna is a half-wave dipole.
Bogusman is rendered audible thanks to the expertise of the 'Bogus Engineer' and to Mr Armadillo, who
has created an online streaming archive of shows at http://internetradio.tripod.com. Check this link on
Saturday and Sunday evenings, for old material from Bogusman and the Ghoul.
Get Some Bogus!
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