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Author Topic: Old Time Radio - 6770 AM - Sep 17 2015 - 2219 UTC  (Read 919 times)

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Old Time Radio - 6770 AM - Sep 17 2015 - 2219 UTC
« on: September 18, 2015, 0139 UTC »
S9, nice copy, low noise

2219, Alan Young comedy prgm in progress
2221, ad for Vitalis, swing tune excerpt: April Showers
2222, back to comedy
2226, goof version of tune "Smiles"
2227, ad for Minute Rub muscle ache cream
2228, closing credits/theme, US Savings Bond plug, Avalon cigarette ad
2230, Avalon Time prgm w Red Skelton, swing tune intro
2231, Avalon cigarette ad, swing tune
2232, Red Skelton monologue
2235, YL sings Oh You Crazy Moon
2237,  comedy skit: Skelton on a date
2243, swing tune: An Apple For The Teacher, Avalon cigarette ad
2246, OM sings western tune: It's A Lonely Trail
2248, comedy skit: Skelton babysits
2256, swing tune: version of Beer Barrel Polka
2258, closing gag, Avalon cigarette jingle, closing tune
2300, Duffy's Tavern prgm. Sponsors: RCA Victor & Anacin
2310, RCA Victor AM/FM/Phono/TV console ad
2312, Latin tune w OM vocal: Old San Juan
2314, back to prgm
2321, Anacin ad, back to prgm
2326, closing tune/credits
2328, BBC comedy prgm

=== Thanx for the k00l tunes !!! ===
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