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Author Topic: 9.964.574Mhz - AM - very low distorted modulation - sounds like news @ 18:20EDT  (Read 518 times)

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hi everyone.
new to the site and forums but not new to the scene.
was an ex FM/SW/MW pirate broadcaster many years ago in my teens/early twenties.
came across this carrier which does not appear to be something that is standard for SW broadcasts.
slightly off frequency from 9.965Mhz @ 9.964.574, very low AM modulation as well as severely distorted but has a strong signal @ S8/9, 45-50dB SNR.
appears to be broadcasting the news.
using SDRsharp, funcube pro+ dongle, horizontal dipole NE/SW direction.
receiver location zip code 11946.
anyone have info on what this station is ?