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Author Topic: 11 meter DX 8 November 2015 1600 UTC +  (Read 1482 times)

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11 meter DX 8 November 2015 1600 UTC +
« on: November 08, 2015, 1609 UTC »
All logged with Ranger Voyage VR9000 all-mode export radio (25615-28305 frequency coverage) and 11-meter dipole.

26555 LSB - Latin America SSB DX calling frequency (see also 27455 USB)
26585 AM - Mexican AM chat freq, busy
26845 AM - Carrier, strong (S9).  Could be local.
27455 USB - Latin America SSB DX calling frequency (similar to 27555 USB, only for Spanish language operators)
27465 USB - Spanish language traffic
27500 CW - Dasher beacon of some kind.  One dash every second or so.  Gone at 1605 UTC
27825 AM - Spanish language traffic.  Since this is in AM, I'm guessing its truckers.  Would say taxi if there was  YL dispatcher.

Update starting at 1745 UTC:

26585 AM - Mexican calling frequency.  Not as busy as it was earlier today.
26615 AM - Seems like the guys usually on 26705/26715
26635 AM - Spanish language with "Better Off Alone" by Alice Deejay playing in background.  Rapid fades from S9 down to S3-4
26715 AM - The usual super loud (and sometimes overmodulated) signals from Puerto Rico
27415 AM - Spanish language
27425 AM - Spanish language, with roger beep.  OM talking to other (unreadable) stations.  S3-S4 signal.
27445 LSB - English language.  Southern US accents
27455 USB - Latin America SSB DX calling frequency.  Station in Mexico calling CQ
27535 AM - Spanish speaking OMs talking.  Could be truckers since they're using AM
27555 USB - Hearing beeps.  10AD340 calling CQ requesting QSY to 27600 (said this in Spanish and then English!).
27600 USB - 10AD718 (also IDing as 10AD340 ??) working another Spanish-speaking station in Aruba - other operator corrected him, its actually Curaçao!
27665 USB - Spanish language traffic.  Busy
27675 USB - Spanish language traffic, nice powerful signals.  Operators discussing antennas and their mobile radio setups
27685 USB - Spanish language traffic
27690 USB - Spanish language traffic
27745 AM - Spanish language traffic, getting obliterated by OTH radar QRM
27775 AM - Spanish heard, with roger beeps.  YL and OM.  Possibly taxi dispatch

On a personal note, I have visited Aruba a couple years ago with my VHF/UHF scanning equipment (RadioShack Pro-96) and scanned 25-50 with a VHF rubber duck and heard several very powerful stations in AM and SSB in the 27400-27900 region.  

The very strong signals on 26615 make sense too.  Channel 9 (27065) is listed on Spanish-language 11 meter DXer websites as a AM calling frequency, and 26615 is Channel 9 "down one band".  So I bet they just flicked the bandswitch down from "D" to "C" and continued talking.  
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